The Onion (satire) - Nintendo releasing new Switch controller designed to be thrown across the room

I don't know how the Onion constantly comes up with funny and unique satire. They seem to really hit the mark more often than not. As far as this fake controller idea, I bet some people would like to see it become a reality!

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Fri Apr 21 17 02:37pm
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Satire or not, Nintendo needs to make one prior to getting into Mario Party.

Fri Apr 21 17 03:00pm
Rating: 2

Apparently they didn't get the memo about Iwata's passing ='(

I guess mentioning Nintendium would have made it unrealistic...

Fri Apr 21 17 03:41pm
Rating: 1

The Onion's reporters even got comments from Iwata. True investigative journalism.

Fri Apr 21 17 04:21pm
Rating: 1

not a fan of them using Iwata Sad

The irony, is that if Nintendo actually did this, and released it prior to a new Mario Party, they'd probably be perpetually sold out of it, and would make millions on just that controller alone.
On a separate note, that color scheme is one I'd gladly pay for. It's quite sleek and sexy.

The mockup actualky looked quite good!
... But using Iwata was... ugh...

For the times when I rage over a game, this controller will come in handy. Heck, I remember tossing my Wiimote around.

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