Analysts discuss what they expect from Nintendo's upcoming fiscal 2016 earnings report

- Analysts expect a net profit of 94.4 billion Yen ($865.6 million) for the 12 months ended March 31
- this is more than five times the year-earlier 16.5 billion Yen
- analysts forecast revenue of 477.6 billion Yen, down from 504.5 billion Yen
- analysts expect Switch sales to be 2.3 million to 2.5 million, above Nintendo's initial target
- Nintendo will also give a sales target for the current fiscal year
- Nintendo's sales target may be conservative to reduce risk of a later guidance downgrade
- Nintendo will also announce how many copies of Switch software it expects to sell this fiscal year.
- analysts say 20 million copies, including titles by outside developers
- anything beyond 25 million a would be a positive surprise
- analysts will be looking to hear how much revenue Fire Emblem Heroes has brought in
- analysts may also expect to hear something on a NES Classic Edition follow-up, but that's pure speculation

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Under $900 Million USD is still quite low compared to where Nintendo was during the Wii and prior generations. As a hardware maker there is a lot of room for growth. I hope Switch continues its success, as I want a Nintendo generation not focused on financial failings, but on great games.

Do you by chance have approx. numbers from the Wii and prior generations? Or can you point me to where I could find them, I'm curious now.

Go to the investors relation link on their website. You can download all of their quarterly and annual statements there. Then you can decide to invest or not. Smile

I think its about time Nintendo reveals the overall sale figures for Fire Emblem franchise as a whole if you ask me.

I hope several investors bring up the insane decision to stop production of the NES Classic Edition.


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