Analyst firm bumps up projected Switch sales/attach rate, thinks Monster Hunter 5 is coming

The following comes from analyst firm, Macquarie Group...

The Macquarie Group has been both spot-on and plain wrong in the past. Take their information with a grain of salt. It'll be interesting to see where their predictions fall in a few months.

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Tue Apr 25 17 01:46pm
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Please let it be! Monster Hunter 5 on Switch would be a dream come true.

Oh sweet baby Jesus that'd be beautiful. I have 3 friends who would play MH5 with me.

Tue Apr 25 17 02:08pm
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Let me buy more stock before THAT announcement. Switch gets MH5 , it's a done deal in Japan at least. Pokemon and Animal Crossing will shut the whole thing down.

You know... I'd be willing to believe MH5 would come to Switch.

I mean... instead of making MH5 after MH4U, what do they do? Monster Hunter Generations (aka X/Cross in Japan) and MH XX (Double Cross) on 3DS.

MH5 on Switch would make me a very happy person

MH5 would be my first import since the dreamcast days..

Monster Hunter 5 on Switch would be AMAZING! But then again so would any AAA 3rd party game...

I am skeptical of the source, but I really hope HonHun 5 comes to Switch.

I've always wanted to play Monster Hunter on a console. I played Tri and it was fun, but I was pretty busy at the time and kinda wanted it as a handheld as well. MH5 on the Switch would be incredible and it will satisfy my need for it being both console and handheld.


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