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Magikarp Jump mobile game - tons of details

by rawmeatcowboy
17 May 2017
GN Version 5.0

- available in Italy right now
- start off by being introduced to Professor Karp, who will introduce the world of Pokémon
- he will give you a rod to capture a Magikarp
- when you capture them, each Magikarp will have a level, as well as a Motif and an Individual Bonus
- bonuses can be something like boosting experience to train by 100%
- each Magikarp has a maximum level, the first potentially being Level 11
- after you capture the Pokémon, you can feed it a myriad of Berries and then take it on a training regime to level it up
- you can then take it with you on missions
- in missions, you can earn Diamonds and Pokémon to Support Magikarp in missions
- first mission gives Pikachu as Support or 25 Diamonds
- missions put you against other Magikarp and you have to see which Magikarp jumps the highest
- after the first mission, you get 100 Diamonds and 5 Fresh Water bottles and 2 Super Potions
- Oran Berries give +2 experience and Sitrus Berries give +9
- at least 20 different kind of Magikarp to collect
- buy Berries in the shop
- berry options open up as your character levels up
- purchase different training methods
- buy decorations for your Magikarp tank which have various bonuses
- at a certain level, your Magikarp will increase in size
- sometimes find balls in the water that contain things such as money
- microtransactions: 50 Diamonds: £0.9, 250 Diamond: £4.99, 550 Diamonds: £9.99, 1,200 Diamonds £19.99, 2,150 Diamonds £33.99
- sales that happen periodically containing bundles of items
- refresh time to wait before you can go on another training mission is 30 minutes
- for each level your trainer levels up, the Magikarp you catch can get to higher levels
- for example, a Level 2 will allow you to catch Magikarp that can get up to Level 12
- at random times, Manaphy will swim past
- tap Manaphy and a festa will happen where many Water-type Pokémon will swim by and more berries will drop down
- after each world you get a badge and the game will save an image for you to share about your victory
- currently 6 badges to collect
- for the first world, you get 6 Coins and 25 Diamonds and you unlock Pikachu as a friend
- Pokémon you can unlock as support are Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax, Slowpoke, Litten, Rowlet, Popplio, Piplup, Meowth and Bulbasaur
- Poplup, Meowth and Bulbasaur unlock as you complete other worlds, the rest require purchasing
- level up their strengths with candy
- Pikachu initially gives a PM+5 bonus to your Pokémon in battle
- when you have levelled up your first Magikarp, you'll get the No Fishing bonus item which gives you a bonus
- as your Magikarp is max level, you cannot return to the tank to feed it
- you must continue on until you lose
- when you lose, your Magikarp is released into the wild
- it will sometimes come back in the background but you have to capture a new one and begin the world again
- you keep the badges you earned already

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