The mysterious ARMS characters Nintendo teased

We're sure you caught a glimpse of these characters in the recent ARMS Direct. Nintendo didn't mention anything about them. They simply showed some quick footage. It appears as if this is the same character in all 3 screens, but he gets taken over by that evil...mask thing. Nintendo is taking the Mortal Kombat approach here, giving the final boss multiple arms. Goro only had 4, but this thing is adding in another set!

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They are the Pillar Mens

YOU are a Pillar! >:D

Appears to be the same character, but him being possessed or something similar with that strange rock-like mask-demon thing.

Hope we can play as this guy. ^^ I am 90% sure we can, since he is clearly working just like a normal fighter in the few animations we see.

Look like the "mask" take over the "evil guy" and give him the 4 more ARMS!
So the mask is the real evil here, not the "evil guy"


Looks like some sorta Captain Falcon get-up going on with him to me.

I bet his normal form with be one of the first DLC Fighters.

More than 2 arms = difficult to hit and dodge.

I just assumed he was the final boss character. He LOOKS like a boss character. I'm sure there is some kind of single player mode, maybe an arcade or story mode, and this guy is probably waiting at the end of it. The massless version is probably a playable character, though.

That's what happens when you let the Happy Mask Salesman loose! How that guy isn't locked up after the last events occurred I will never know....

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