Sonic Mania - ESRB rating info

Rating Category: E

Content Descriptors: Mild Cartoon Violence

Rating Summary: This is an action-platformer in which players assume the role of Sonic as he zooms around colorful “zones” and attempts to defeat Dr. Eggman. As players run and jump through whimsical environments, they can jump on enemies' heads, causing them to transform into small woodland creatures. Boss battles sometimes depict characters shooting "cartoony" bombs and/or oversized missles; Sonic reacts to damage by losing coin-like rings and falling off the screen when defeated.

Categories: Consoles
Tags: eshop, sonic, sega
Games: Sonic Mania


I hope this means we'll get a concrete release date soon.
I can't wait to play it.

Sonic reacts to damage by losing coin-like rings...

I like how they have to refer to the rings as "coin-like" as if people naturally lose their pocket change when hit and therefore, this descriptor makes it clearer.

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