Switch selling 10% faster in US than Wii during the same period on the market

Coming from GameStop

- sales of collectibles and impressive sales of Nintendo Switch drove a “particularly strong” quarter
- more than 5.4 million software units of Switch software sold since the console went on sale in March
- GameStop “same store sales” rose by 2.3 percent, thanks to Switch
- Switch software and accessories attach rate is an impressive 6:1

Coming from Daniel Ahmad, an analyst with Niko Partners

- Switch sales at GameStop were faster than Wii sales after the same period on the market
- Switch has a lead of about 10 percent.

“Strong demand out of the gate for Nintendo’s new console. Especially during a non holiday quarter. But will fall behind Wii, aligned.”

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It's nice to see this successful. I hope with the amount of dough they make will be spent developing nothing but Metroid, DK, F Zero, Starfox, and other abandon franchises.

Both Dk and Star Fox had a game on WiiU, I don't think you can count then as abandon franchises (not that I don't want new ones).

Both of their futures aren't exactly bright with Retro possibly doing something else and Zero's reception. I doubt we'll see new entries for a very very long time.

Zero was a lazy refitting of Star Fox 64, with some new elements sprinkled in, instead of just making a new game, which was already a bad start. That said, it would have still be decent, and sold decently, if Miyamoto had not nonsensically insisted on a control scheme that no one asked for or wanted, and then made that the ONLY control option. That was the main thing that turned people off to that game, and why the sales were low.

But of course, in true corporate fashion, they will use it's sales, regardless of reasons, as an indicator that "people don't want new Star Fox", and will likely not make another one for a very long time. Which is insane in and of itself, because they haven't MADE a proper Star Fox, free of tacked on gimmicks and watered down gameplay, since SF64. Which, as a fan, is frustrating to no end.

Unpopular opinion here: I really liked StarFox Zero and the controls

The only problem I had with it was that I didn't use the shoulder buttons for barrel rolls. Apart from that it was really nice and had some great immersion.. Sad that so many people didn't evn try it out before hating on it.

I really liked Star Fox Zero and the controls too, but I think that the principal issue was that some stages were really mediocre, specially every stage with the Girowing, that thing was awful.

How about when compared to the initial sales of the WiiU?

I don't know the exact %age but the at the very least it's much better than that. Wii U sales plummeted by January in the US, and in the EU more people returned the console than buying it in Jan - March 2013.

The Switch sold more in its first month than the Wii U did in two months. That's including the fact that the Wii U was released during a Holiday season, while the Switch wasn't.

We should note that Wii sales took really off quite a while after launch. I doubt Switch will ever reach Wii like sales trajectory but hopefully will sell more than N64.

Personally I would love for it to surpass the SNES. Either way, it will no doubt pass Wii U and GameCube.

That's is not true for the U.S. The Wii was an immediate hit and sold out at launch. I should know because I did not preorder and had a hard time finding one. During December 2006, I stood in a line at walmart hoping to get one. They ran out before I could get one. It was also sold out online. It stayed that way for quite a while. In the spring of 2007, I just happened to walk into Kmart and passed by the electronics department. I saw a Wii box in the display case and asked the sales person if it was a display. She stated that it was not and that she did not know that they had one in. I asked could I purchase it and she said yes.That is how I got a Wii. It was also still sold out every where at that time. I was just lucky.

He's not that wrong though. Even if the console was always sold out, the first few months were VERY supply constrained. It took some time for them to up the production, effectively upping the sales by a lot.

Um what's that bit about it falling behind the wii, aligned?

The only reason Wii wasn't selling better at first was the supply restrictions, just like Switch right now. He means that he believe one of two possibilities: 1- Switch will have less demand in its first year overall than Wii got after the supplies got better. or 2- They won't be able to up production enough to satisfy the demand like they did with the Wii, resulting in fewer growth.


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