Nintendo says Fire Emblem Switch will be "beautiful", have "great graphics"

Coming from a USGamer interview with Nintendo's Kenta Nakanishi...

You may also know that [a new Fire Emblem] is also going to be released on the Switch, and that it's going to be looking beautiful with great graphics, so we hope you will look forward to that as well.

Not exactly the most poetic way to discuss the game, but I guess it gets the job done! Maybe we'll get to see our first peek at E3 2017.

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Said this before, but hopefully this means they are done with the awkward looking battle models! They worked, but didn't look good during story segments.

Do you think they'll use that celshading they've been doing for the cutscenes.
Like in the Corrine and Lucina reveal trailer for Smash?
Or do you think it'll be more realistic 3D?

Wed May 31 17 11:32pm
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They released early screenshots in Famitsu, you can Google those for a better idea of what they'll look like.

Edit: My apologies, that was for Warriors, thanks for correcting me internet people Smile

Weren't those for Fire Emblem Warriors?

Yeah those were Fire Emblem Warriors. Not the new fire emblem for Switch in 2018

That's why I am asking. BotW didn't look like Hyrule Warriors.

Since what is considered realistic keeps getting more detailed and requires more power, power which the Switch doesn't have, I'd expect Nintendo to utilize art styles that the Switch can handle and focus on making them look as good as possible, rather than go for realism just because they're moving to a console (or more powerful handheld, if you prefer to look at it that way).

I imagine they'll continue with the style they've been developing since Path of Radiance.

Hmm... Of course it might be a jump from Tales of Symphonia to Vesperia, I suppose.

Mechanically because it's Nintendo, I do think they'll want to add something to update how these games played on consoles. I just hope there's just more ambition towards making the story feel with more weight. The villains in this series haven't pulled me. (Perhaps a bit the Black Knight).

I think the one thing I don't love about the stories is that they all end up with you killing some sort of god basically. I think what I liked about Path of Radiance, and the whole Black Knight thing, was that you were just fighting a war basically against actual people, and it just felt a bit more down to earth instead of getting to the end and going 'Now kill a god.' (I get that there was the whole goddess aspect behind the scenes in PoR that manifested in Radiant Dawn, but as a whole the game was about taking down Ashnard).

But I dunno. I feel like there's some more there I can't quite put my finger on...

I thought radiant dawn worked, because it wasn't like the enemy was a god the whole time, it's just three quarters through the story the world pissed off the gods too much they had to band together to fight it off.

I'd say it's more an issue when the final boss becomes a Dragon god, thats lame.

For the cut scenes I mean, I imagine they'll continue the style. Not sure if the whole game will look similar to that now.

Probably cel-shaded again because it's cohesive with the anime-style character artwork.

...Unless all dialogue will come from 3D animated models now instead of the portraits. That could be something.

These models were kinda necessary on the 3DS because of the resolution and polygon limitations... At least they got feets in Fates.

I hope. Even on home consoles, Fire Emblem games have a lot to be desired.

I'm hoping for a heavily upgraded Radiant Dawn style.

Like the first 40 seconds of the fire emblem fates reveal trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz2LJ-4DDWU

Well hopefully the next Zelda will too. I mean I don't have a problem with BotW/WW graphics, but they've teased "amazing" graphics before. Like the Spaceworld one and the Wii U demo. But I digress.

I find it really funny how unbearably bad the Spaceworld demo looks by now. It looks like someone tried out UE4 features for a few hours and failed miserably at everything.

Well, to be fair, they were explicitly called demos, right? Anyone who cares about graphics should know that actual games won't ever look as good as tech demos

"it's going to be looking beautiful with great graphics"

Ha, descriptions that use these words (along with 'tremendous', 'amazing', and 'terrific') have been kinda ruined for me.

Come up with new adjectives!

If it looks like the animated cut scenes in real time, that would be amazing!

You don't often hear Nintendo make these kinds of comments about graphics do you?

Not often, but I still remember when Iwata said that the Wii's graphics will make you say wow

love the series, yet the visual bar is set too low anyway so having beautiful graphics for an FE game...not that big of a deal.


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