Voice Actor of Vegeta supports DragonBall FighterZ on Switch

Fan movements can always use some big-name support, and that's exactly what we have here. Christopher Sabat, the voice actor for Vegeta, has pledged his support to the fan movement for Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch. Let's hope he adds some clout to the initiative! Thanks to Shellshockprime for the heads up!

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Now the Prince of All Saiyans has spoken it will surely happen :p

Now the Prince of All Saiyans has spoken it will surely happen :p

Unless Goku is a Playstation fan.

A Bandai Namco US PR Rep also RT'd his support and Egoraptor spoke out too. I think the devs thankfully know the demand for the game, at least from western audiences. Buying for PS4 but may buy a Switch DX version if it includes extra stuff

Vegeta gets a Mario hat.

As someone who has a PS4 I won't get it, but I would love to get it on my Switch for the portability factor.

Please make it happen.

Of course he does. More SKUs of the game out there means more sales, more sales means more royalties for him.

That's assuming that they have English voice acting, which they'll likely will.

But IIRC, most VA contracts pay for the job itself. I dont know too many who get royalties based on the sale of a product unless the actor is actually important enough, owns a share of the IP, or is an integral part of the overal production to negotiate a royalties deal.

All voice actors get royalties for their voice unless they're non union, and Sabat has been working on Dragon Ball, voices enough characters and has served as the voice director for the series on occasion. He would have a very ample contract that would likely include royalties even if he is doing it non union.

Ah, well that's news to me. I figured he'd simply got paid really well due to his importance, but that royalties for games would go towards less "expendable" roles in production.

Given that Funimation (who holds the US Dragonball license) had their logo in the FighterZ trailer, it'll likely have an English voice acting option (but likely hadn't been recorded yet for the reveal trailer).

Right on, Geets. Help this get noticed.


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