Monster Hunter Stories - EU box lacks amiibo branding

When we shared the Monster Hunter Stories North American box with you, we noted that the amiibo logo was in place. That not only indicated amiibo support, but it gave fans hope that Capcom's line of gorgeous Monster Hunter Stories amiibo would head stateside as well.

Now, as you can see with the EU box above, the amiibo logo isn't included on the box. Are our friends in the EU going to be left out, is this simply a mistake, or was the amiibo logo on the North American box a mistake to begin with?


I'm going to guess that the functionality is still there, but that maybe we just won't see the amiibos themselves released outside of Japan.

Hoping the functionality at least remains, as Capcom generally sucks at "cutting" content without damaging the hell out of the rest of the game. (Examples being pretty much any removed content from the Mega Man Battle Network and Star Force series games in localization.)

I did buy a couple of the Amiibo on Amazon since they're actually fairly cheap right now, so even if the Amiibo are not released outside of Japan, I can at least use them. (And they're just cool looking. Love the style for this game, so much. <3 )


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