SNES Classic Edition - StarFox 2 has to be unlocked by completing StarFox's first level

Even for super fans who have played all of these games multiple times, the inclusion of the never-before-released Star Fox 2 game will offer them something entirely new to enjoy – if they can unlock it by proving their skills in the original Star Fox game. (Well, they only have to complete the first level – we didn’t want to make it too hard!)

Hopefully everyone looking to play StarFox 2 is capable of beating the first stage of the original. I know I'm ready to tackle it!

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Eh, this is much too small of a requirement to complain about.

I can imagine people not playing it because of it. Not the most baffling decision but a weird one indeed. Still, if one really wanted to I suppose they should at least know the original.

(It would have been more cruel having it unlocked by doing the bad slot machine ending and having the game crash or something).

If they don't bother playing the first level of the seminal original then they don't really deserve to play the sequel. The original is still the most epic and satisfying Star Fox game of them all imo.

Mon Jun 26 17 03:52pm
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I've never been able to beat it....never. I've beaten every starfox game except for the first.

Looks like I won't be able to play it.

You just have to beat the first level....

I know Sad

It's the hardest level in any starfox game

Oh I never played the original so I didn't know. I'm sure you will be able to beat it!

It's not the hardest at all. LOL

Some will always curse that sunset version of that level.

Mon Jun 26 17 05:57pm
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Yup it must just be the sunset version. I've been able to beat all the iterations of Corneria, but not the dreaded sunset version. I guess I need to git gud.

Maybe playing this on the background would work.



Dude, it's easy.

What the hell are you doing that you can't beat the first level?


Why bother locking at all then?

Probably just to make sure people will play the first game first, since that at least requires you to start it, and probably wanna beat it before going for the sequel, since the sequel IS a 'brand new game', in a sense. At least it is a easy thing to accomplish, so, yeah. ^^

Thorny, does the first SF game hold up? I only ever played the 3DS and Wii-U ones. ^^

In my opinion it holds up brilliantly, as long as you understand it's not going to be running at a solid 60fps or something like that. And, I actually think it's still the best Star Fox game of them all, and really the only one that perfectly captures that whole Star Wars epic space opera feel.

Thank you kindly, Impurekind. ^^ Glad to hear. I rarely mind framerate stuff, so, that sounds all good and well. Can't wait to finally play it. Smile People talk very highly of it, haha.

It's a game I absolutely love but I have to admit it does not really hold up. Especially the EU version which is even worst when it comes to fps compared to the others.

That's why I've been hoping for a SF remake for so long. The original has some really cool stuff going on and it feels like none of the other episodes because of its more arcadey and absurd level design. In newer SF games they felt like they had to give a reason why this or that object is there floating in space. In the original SF though? Absolutely not, they just go "that ridiculous super fast shape or structure is just there because it is and it's there to kill you".

That's what makes it really different and I love it, but yeah. It needs a remake.

Mon Jun 26 17 04:42pm
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The big question for me is: Is there an option to bring the framerate of the game up? Starfox would be a wondefully playable game if only it wasn't limited to the terrible framerate caused by the SNES's hardware. If we have the option to keep games at a steady 30 FPS with no slowdown, that would be amazing.

The game's speed is tied to the framerate. There's already a little overclocking mod for the actual cartridge. With 30fps it would be way too fast.

Oh this is so Nintendo, and I love it! :

Quirky weirdoes.

Raises the question what other little secrets/unlockables the SNES Classic will hold. I cant imagine this is the only one.

Fair enough; it's totally easy to beat that first level, and a whole load of fun too. I expect this might actually make people realize that the original is in fact a much more enjoyable game than the sequel; it just has a much more epic Star Wars space opera feel to it, especially with its more linear and deliberate levels designs compared to the loop-around designs in Star Fox 2.


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