Mighty No. 9 - more hope and worry for physical rewards being sent out

Recently, we talked about a Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter update that focused on physical rewards. Those still have not sent out, but are they on the way soon? There's info that points in both directions.

According to Fangamer, Comcept hasn't given them the materials to actually produce shipments yet. That would seem to indicate a big problem for physical goods actually shipping. Here's the thing, though. Backers have been getting emails stating that their items are shipping "soon," and to fill out another survey by July 17th. Could Level-5 swooping in and taking over Comcept mean that fans will finally get their goods?


I funny even remember what the physical reward is anymore. I did the survey though...

It's hilarious, and sad, that a big "indie" developer, who got millions of dollars to pump out a mediocre and half-asses "Mega Man Clone", hasn't been bothered to send out physical rewards to backers in all this time. It's almost understandable, yet still shitty, for SMALL devs or other KSers to struggle in meeting the physical reward fulfillment. But a big operation like MN9 should have been able to send that shit out immediately.

Man..what happened here? This game was suppose to make Capcom make another Mega Man game and it instead just convinced them to NOT make one....


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