Dragon Quest XI - official story summary

The “Hero” Being Pursued and His Allies

The hero and his allies go on an adventurous journey to unravel the mystery of the legend concerning the hero.

In order to unravel that mystery, they will head for the “Great Tree of Life” together.

New Encounters Await in an Unseen World

The protagonist and company’s journey will go beyond the ocean, and as far as to the bottom of the ocean and into the sky. Various people await them there to encounter.

Before Long, Their Adventure Will Lead to the Great “Truth” of the World

Why was the hero called a demon child? On your adventure seeking an answer to this question, you will arrive at a certain truth.

Once again. The “Time of the Hero” begins.

Let's hope those localization rumors for Dragon Quest XI are true. I'd love to give this game a go, even though I suck at RPGs!


Still a bit curious about the lack of any Switch images or videos. Project Cars all over again? Just seems quite odd that they're only showing off the PS4 & 3DS versions. Neither of which I'm interested in.

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