Mighty No. 9 physical rewards making it to backers, work "recently resumed" on 3DS version

Some good news, and some good/bad news for Mighty No. 9 fans. Good news is, physical rewards for backers are actually making it out the door. Some people have received their goods as of today, and more should be coming this week. Now for the good/bad news.

People are still waiting on the 3DS and Vita versions of Mighty. No. 9. As we heard already, those versions are still coming. Now here's the bad news. It seems work on those versions has only recently resumed. What does that mean for a release date? Seems like we could be waiting quite some time.


The handheld versions should have led the way. I bet we'd have had a quality MN9 product today had they done so instead of trying to be the big multiplat show they attempted to be. Start smaller, iterate, perfect. Nintendo's shown the way since the beginning!

What a dumpster fire the whole situation around this game became.

I curious to see how the game runs on the 3DS. I don't have much hope for it but who know.

People are still waiting on the 3DS and Vita versions of Mighty. No. 9.

Lol no no, nobody wait on it xD

You need to fold the game box yourself.

The manual doesn't fit in the box.

I wish Red Ash would have worked out. I would have watched the anime.


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