GoNintendo Video Review - Hey! Pikmin


- Feels exactly like a main entry in the Pikmin franchise
- Simple, responsive controls
- Plenty to do, see, and collect
- Fantastic soundtrack
- Pikmin atmosphere is spot-on


- graphics are nice, if not ho-hum
- some might feel limited by only having 20 Pikmin per level

Final Word

Hey! Pikmin might be a spin-off in the eyes of most, but it is well worth your time. If you're a Pikmin fan, even just a tiny bit, you should certainly check this game out. The mechanics of collecting Pikmin, exploring, and solving puzzles are all retained here, albeit with a different perspective. The overall scale has been dialed back a bit, but what you get here is definitely Pikmin. Most importantly, the vibe of the entire Pikmin franchise is very present here. Outside of some lackluster graphics, Hey! Pikmin is a fantastic package. As the first portable outing for the franchise, the experience is an undeniable success.

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Sounds good! I love pikmin and am going in open minded for something new.

Cool! I'll definitely go check the game out...oh wait... I forgot that I have the demo...which I still haven't played.

"Feels exactly like a main entry in the Pikmin franchise"
What's with the lie? This feels nothing like a Pikmin game.

I like the bullet points added to the video review.

I didn't like the demo and have to disagree it feels Pikmin-like. It's as similar to Pikmin as Ziplash was to Chibi Robo.

I don't like the route Nintendo took in these two games: seems like they needed a fast cash-in with low production values, only relying on the franchise names.

But that's market. Look to what happened to their new IP , Ever Oasis, in terms of sales in Japan, compare its quality and sales to Pikmin and you get to the point.

I love the voice reviews. Will be getting this game for sure

By what I played in the demo, I agree with people that says it doesn't feel like a Pikmin game by any means.

This game appears to be middling at best. As others have mentioned, it most certainly does not feel exactly like a main entry in the pikmin franchise. That's not even a subjective statement, it's outright misleading.

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