Metroid: Samus Returns - two new pieces of art

That is some amazing stuff! Seems like Nintendo has gotten in the habit lately of releasing more art for their games through social media. I hope someone is collecting all this stuff!

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You go get em, girl!

I'm betting these pieces of art are going to be in 3D in the M:SR's Concept Art Gallery

Sat Jul 29 17 03:10pm
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edit: Nevermind, I misread what you wrote.

Samus in Killer Instinct, when?

Reminds me of the 90s style of pre rendered concept art. I know those are more primitive but I suppose is the shading and lighting.

If this game flops hard, I don't know what can Metroid do at this point....

Become a solely first person console game.

I've been saying it for years, and I'll say it again: Nintendo needs to release a Metroid Art Book.


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