Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 Dock Late 2017 on Nintendo Switch

Now updated for current generation consoles, Resident Evil Revelations is the acclaimed survival horror title featuring series veterans Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as they investigate the reportedly abandoned “Queen Zenobia” cruise ship. This new version features a smoother 1920x1080 resolution, an improved framerate, increased environmental detail and refined creature movement, defining the best-looking version of the game to date. All previously released downloadable content is also included in the game as unlockable rewards.

Take on hordes of enemies with a friend online in the returning Raid Mode, which includes “The Ghost Ship: Chaos,” a fresh take on the popular stage with more powerful weapons and ways for players to upgrade their arsenal, and remixed enemy placements for an added challenge. Additionally, four controller schemes based on control types from across the entire series are available in this version of the game for a more flexible experience to accommodate different playstyles.

Resident Evil Revelations launches in North America at retail and digitally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One August 29 for $19.99. A Nintendo Switch release of both Resident Evil Revelations and its follow up Resident Evil Revelations 2, which features series favorites like Claire Redfield and Barry Burton as they face untold horror, will also be available in Late 2017. At retail across North America you will find these two games as a combo pack dubbed Resident Evil Revelations Collection, which includes one cartridge with Revelations as well as a digital download voucher for Revelations 2 for $39.99. Both games will be available as individual digital downloads at $19.99 each.


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Can't wait for these games to get sideswiped by a Revelations 3 announcement, coming to everything but Switch.

I'm still annoyed at Capcom for not putting Revelations 2 on Wii U.

Tue Aug 01 17 05:37am
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This. But it's nice that Revelations and its sequel are coming to the Switch. I gotta say, I really feel that the original Revelations was one of the 3DS's more underrated titles. I've replayed the single-player countless times, and its online co-op multi-player was also solid (although I didn't play that nearly as much).

It's understandable they hadn't released the game on a near dead system. I'm gladvthey didn't as a Wii U owner because if the port bombed, it was only another reason for Capcom to not release any new games on Nintendo Platforms besides Monster Hunter.

There wasn't any clear consession for the Switch til now. Street Fighter sold half a million copies on a new system and the Switch is popular. A reason for Capcom to try something beyond good old Monster Hunter.

Great news! Revelations was one of my favourite 3DS games, the 3D effect was great.

Tue Aug 01 17 06:26am
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It is probably just a matter of time before Resident Evil 4 comes to the eShop. :P

I'm down. Haven't played it in a few years and it's always fun to revisit.

Hopefully 4, 5, 6 are next! just imagine a fully featured portable version of RE4-6 Smile

I loved RE4 and RE5! RE6 was a chore though.

Huh. Well it's a start Capcom.

Tue Aug 01 17 07:02am
(Updated 1 time)

got revelations 1 on wiiu (at the outrageous price of 15Eu - huge mistake) because of the implementation of 2nd screen the 3ds had, realised it was not being used to aid gameplay and simply left it unfinished. Got the 360 version on a sale for 3.5Eu (because achievements and tighter gameplay than the wiiu version) an as for revelations 2...first ep we all got for free and I got the season pass on sale at...I think it was 6-7eu. So I paid a total of 10Eu for these two games.

40. Yeah that sounds solid! /s

may I also remind you capcom that Resi5 and 6 are notably absent from nintendo's consoles and these are games that have been ported over a million times. (and yes resi6 is a GOOD game just not for fans of the series) so once again, thanks but no thanks.

I only played the Revelation on the 3DS, but I got curious, what do you mean by "tighter gameplay" on the 360 compared to the WiiU? What's the difference between these versions?


Aiming and moving around in general feels heavier and less responsive in the Wii U - there appears to a much larger dead-zone that creates a delay between moving the analogue sticks and the action appearing on screen.

This is great. I played a little of the first one but never finished it. I'm looking forward to this .

Is these games competing against RE4 to be the most ported RE-games?

RE4 = 11 versions
RE:R = 8 versions soon
RE:R2 = 7 versions soon

RE4 Zeebo Version! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VDxgNWZ4ak

I did not know this existed. Thanks for letting me know. That is amazingly primitive, yet admirable that they even tried.

Tue Aug 01 17 07:37am
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I have awesome memories of play Revelations on Halloween with a few friends, some 5 years ago. I was so disappointed 2 wasn't in Wii U.
So happy it's coming out!

I need games for my Switch- so I'll pony up. I'm happy to have an Re on Switch. Just give me a mainline next, please!

Can't wait for these games to get sideswiped by a Revelations 3 announcement, coming to everything but Switch.

Awesome news as a whole, but-

"Digital voucher of Revelations 2."

Ahhh there's the rub.

Cannot wait to not play RE:R2 after buying it off a shelf...

This is fantastic news!!! Super super excited, these games are fantastic! I just played Revelations 2 for the first time recently on the PS4, but now I can take it on the go! The only downside for it on the Switch is not having achievements, but I'll get over it.

already have this on pc and would never purchase it again some where else. ill do that with other indie games that i own, though. some of the indie games that gets made are specially meant for switch handheld mode.

Tue Aug 01 17 10:27am
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So, when this doesn't sell because it's a lower quality spinoff, late, and we already bought the games on other systems relatively recently, will they drop support again?

I'm not really sure why you would say its going to be a "lower quality spinoff" as Rev 1 has been on just about everything from the 3DS up...and it always looked and played just fine (even on the Wii U, which I have it on). Now...for the "late" and "already bought on another system because it got it earlier" arguments...yeah, I could see a third party developer using that line...as they have in the past. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about Rev 1/2 being the start of Capcom's "looking into Switch development"...but I will probably end up getting them as they really are very good games, and take the RE series back more to its roots than 5/6 went to do (IE more towards action games than "horror" games).

I'm not really sure why you would question me calling it a "lower quality spinoff" based on how many platforms it appeared on... I'm just saying the Rev games were not as good as say, mainline 1-4. As a 3DS game, it was actually pretty impressive, but there's no way I'm going to choose Rev 1 or 2 over most mainline REs. I'm not saying they were "bad", just not great. Not something I look at and say, "Oh yeah, those were amazing and I want to buy and play them again. I find myself saying "Was there even a revelation in Revelations?" Now, announce the new RE2 remake for Switch, and I'll be first in line, but how much do you want to bet they're going to do that? Weigh those two releases in your hands and tell me Capcom is really trying hard for the Switch market. Which release has more excitement/buzz? Which release did they put more effort into? They're still just sitting at the edge of the Switch pool, barely dipping their toe in and saying "I don't know..."

I'm sold. Loved Revelations on the 3DS. Haven't gotten around to playing Rev2 yet.

So this is what they were referring to with "starting to prepare" support for Switch. 2 RE ports that have literally been on almost every recent console of memory. LAME! Hey Capcom how about some new original content or is this another "test the waters" thing? Also the port I do want (Monster Hunter XX) you arent localizing.

I already owned Revelations on Wii U and PS3 not buying it a 3rd time for a game IMO is the most overrated newer entry in the series. Im in the minority who think Revelations 2 was a better game and even i dont want to rebuy it and play through it again...

I don't think Switch is going to get all that much support other than ports. As you can see above, there are people ready to buy these games again so Capcom isn't really being given a reason to try harder.

Self-fulfilling prophecy at it's finest. If we don't buy these ports Capcom goes "I guess Street Fighter 2 is the only thing Switch owners wanted so let's just drop support entirely" but if we do buy these ports Capcom will be like "Switch owners will literally eat anything up! Here's Super Ghost's n'Goblins HD Remix for $40, or Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for $60, or here's Resident Evil 4 HD Switch Edition featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series for $50" we can't win no matter what!

I hope all of the multiplayer options are supported on Switch.

Just put the two games on the same cartridge

That's what they're doing....? It wasn't a long press release dude...

No, RE:R2 is a download code.

Oh my bad. Man, that sucks.

All this jaded comments.

I might get this two games so I can play on the go. Now all I ask for is the rest of the RE games and dead rising. Smile

revelations is on the 3ds and 2 is on the vita. I can't see the value sorry.

Calling it now, rushed ports with no gyro/pointer style aiming support, and screwed up analog deadzones just like the Wii U version of Revelations.

Tue Aug 01 17 05:36pm
(Updated 1 time)

Wow, all these negative comments really make me feel like I'm on /v/.

Tue Aug 01 17 05:42pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

No, it's jst Go Nintendo. The community which became toxic and pessimistic over the last years. Don't expect much from a community about Nintendo when even the Webmaster of the page is ranting about Nintendo. Oh damn, now I sound pessimistic ~.~

I have never once heard RMC rant. He's one of the kindest people in this type of position. The hardest he ever slams anything is general internet fury.

I think he's referring to the webmaster instead of the owner (RMC's the owner but not the webmaster) although Duck has said some things in recent months that I agree with (mainly regarding the Switch's Lame OS and Wifi antenna)

Indeed Hawk is right. Duck is actually a nice guy who is helpful as quick as he can get. He also is able to deliver good arguments. But, a lot of his comments or downvotes are very provocative. Much stuff may even be meant sarcastic, but as the web,aster, an official of this site here, it's simply now how you should show yourself. But I will not go on further here because it's not cool from me to talk about someone who can't defend himself because he may not even know about these comments here.

Played both of these (highly recommend you pursue Rev 2 co-op) so I don't know if I'll double dip, but this is beyond the kind of support I expected after they attached future support for Switch to Street Fighter sales. Still ports, but good'ns..

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