GameStop Italy adds Sonic Mania listing for physical release

Fans have been saying for awhile now that they want a physical release for Sonic Mania, but SEGA remains mum on the topic. Looks like GameStop Italy thinks it's happening, as they've just added a listing for a retail release. Not official, but certainly a step in the right direction!

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If this is becoming a serious thing, I will wait with my digital purchase and instead grab a Retail-Copy. Even if it mean to pay a few bucks more. Of course, this will only happen when I open the box and see a Gamecard, not a Download Code.

Thu Aug 03 17 07:43pm
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As a person who is sitting on a limited edition pre-order, I concur with this. I would drop my limited edition to grab myself a physical copy. It would just feel right.

Yes, I also cancelled my Limited Edition a few weeks backs. It's neat, but paying this much for a Limited Edition and you only get a voucher for downloading the Game, it simply sucks. So, SEGA can keep the gimmicks, I trade them in for a proper physical copy.

My main goal with that limited edition was purely cosmetic. I planned on keeping it around as a collector's item without opening it. I have done this in the past. I'm still sitting on one of the Best Buy Star Fox Adventures bonus collectors items with a Jones Soda that is God knows how old now.

YES, COME ON PLEASE US! I want that box art so bad!

PLEASE SEGA. I want this! Do me a solid and put it with the Limited Edition versions or at least have the decency to announce this.

Fri Aug 04 17 12:51am
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Eww... That box art looks ugly compared to this!

...Hate to blow your expectations away, but as an Italian myself, I can attest that this might only be a box for digital-only means. Since a few months ago, their stores around my place are making self-made box labels even for digital-only titles which are not given an "official" digital-only boxing for things like Ducktales Remastered and such.

You'll be seeing a box in there alright, but perhaps this may be another of those cases where only a download code will be placed inside of 'em...

There's no way I can wait any longer for this game, so... I might just double dip if a retail version comes later.

70 Euros sounds like the price for the Collectors Edition. But maybe that's just me.

Unless it's a new version of the collector's edition with a box instead of a code there's little point to get this if the digital version is cheaper at $20. At least if it was part of a collector's edition you'd get lots more cool stuff than wasted plastic.


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