Splatoon animated manga - Ep. 1

Splatoon Animated Manga - Episode 1 "Rider" by perfectly-nintendo

It's quite literally an animated manga, moreso than the anime we were hoping for. Still, an interesting way to present the manga. I wonder if some fan dubbers over here will give this a shot!

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Meh. It's nice.
But I wanted a full on animated cartoon/anime.

I was hoping as well. Maybe someone will do that.

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I really do hope Nintendo has big plans for things like movies and anime and whatnot, rather than only 'special' shorts and such like the StarFox short. I want a proper Splatoon anime! I mean, this one is amusing, but Splatoon has SO much potentional.

Yeah, Nintendo seems to make some stupid decisions. An anime would be huge. Maybe start off with Mario and something new like Splatoon with 22 minute episodes on TV everywhere. Then expand to more shows. All these shorts aren't going to cut it. They don't know what they're doing.

While I am sure they have SOME plans for a actual movie and at least some actual shows/anime, it really seems they do not yet dare to properly enter the movie industry. Which really is a shame, because so many of their franchises would fit so well.

Just imagine a live action, 18+ Mario movie. Imagine Waluigi in that. Perfection.

I love how people jumped on the train and just said it's an anime. This looks interesting though. I'd watch this if it had subs.


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