Japan - My Nintendo store taking Switch preorders, ship in October

- taking pre-orders for customizable Nintendo Switch sets starting August 22, 2017
- pre-orders will be shipped starting October
- all pre-orders made on August 22nd will be shipped on October 1st
- pre-orders made after the 22nd will be shipped later October and onward
- customers will not be able to change or cancel any part of their pre-order once it has been made

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This coincides with the huge hardware push for Mario Odyssey/Holidays. Gonna be a game changer. After the best Nintendo launch year ever (started in SPRING!) they are going to CLEAN UP for the traditional sales months of year end, when any other console manufacturer would have launched. They'll do this with a solid March-September of sales, meaning that far less "intense Nintendo fans" should have a decent shot at securing a system for the holidays. Brilliant strategy, executed with finesse.

And CUSTOM Switch colors? That's so cool!

Is this just for Japan or all regions? I'm a little confused by the title.

It's for Japan only. Japan is the only territory with a 'My Nintendo Store', where one can customize their Nintendo Switches. It's really awesome actually. You can pick any 2 joy-con colours and 2 of any of the 7 Joy-con strap colours. You just can't get two neon pink or neon green as they haven't make the reverse joy-con colours yet. It even lets you click a colour and it will show you what it looks like with the switch.

I wish they would do this outside Japan though....

Have a look here: https://store.nintendo.co.jp/customize.html

Thanks. I wasn't sure if Japan in the title was referring to where the news item had come from or where it applied to. That's great news for them. They seem to have been having a rough time getting a Switch there. I'm sure they are pleased by this news. Thanks again.

This is freaking so cool. NA needs to get this. Both custom Switches and a My Nintendo store. Aside, but would love to order items from the NY Store online because I am not getting out there any time soon.

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