Sony offers more praise for Nintendo and the Switch

The following comes from an EDGE interview with Sony’s global head of sales and marketing Jim Ryan. Mr. Ryan was asked if the Switch's early success changed his view on portables.

“It’s still very early. Many things Nintendo does are so disruptive and different that it takes quite a long time to understand them, and I don’t think we’re at that stage yet with Switch. Like I say, it’s great that they’re back, it’s great to see them doing so well.”

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Sun Aug 13 17 10:30am
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This still translates as "We're still not sure if we should try to rip this thing off yet".

Wouldn't be surprised to see Sony take the Switch concept and run with it at some point. Which honestly wouldn't be a bad thing, whenever I play my PS4 now it feels like a step backwards having to be tethered to the TV exclusively. If a portable PS4 that can dock to the TV was ever in the realm of possibility I'd jump on it, having my digital library of PS4 games on a Switch style device would be a dream (maybe it's technically impossible so will always stay a dream!).

Sun Aug 13 17 07:39am
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This is that guy from Sony that has made a lot of comments people dislike, by the way.

He is the successor of Fergal Gara who also was a pain in the butt. European Sony reps sure are dumb-talker, sadly.

Cool, it's rare to see them give praise to Nintendo without also insinuating N is for kids.

Sun Aug 13 17 10:30am
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This still translates as "We're still not sure if we should try to rip this thing off yet".

Sun Aug 13 17 11:07am
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Good ol' backstabbin' sony, bullshit praise PR while bribing 3rd party devs out of making games for Nintendo.
You gotta love how they patronize Nintendo with the " it’s great that they’re back" quote... back from where douche??? It was not Nintendo that spent the last 10 years selling off & closing whole company departments while selling buildings & various assets, all that being technically bankrupt!!!
If I may, for Game of Thrones fans, Sony is to Gaming what Littlefinger is in GoT!

Sun Aug 13 17 12:56pm
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bribing 3rd party devs out of making games for Nintendo.

Maybe that's just karma for Nintendo's underhanded practices during the NES era.

WTF are you talking about??? Can I bring in all the lies you have told throughout your life to counter & invalidate your comment???
Do me a solid & don't bother to answer...

I believe he was referring to Nintendo putting limits on the number of titles a third party may release per year, only allowing cartridges made by Nintendo (thus jacking up licensing costs to third parties) to run on the system, and prohibiting 3rd parties from releasing games on other systems (ie, SEGA master system and later, the Genesis).

Several 3rd parties made shell companies to release more games but under a different name as well as get their games on SEGA hardware too.

Sun Aug 13 17 09:31pm
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If you hate Nintendo that much, I wonder why you comment here???
Everytime you post T37DUCK, it's to badmouth Nintendo... I understand you run the tech side of the site, it must be hell to do that on a Nintendo one since you only show dislike towards Nintendo...
Nintendo never paid, bribed 3rd party companies to stay away from Sega or sony consoles, while I'm aware of the shady past practices practices from Nintendo under the iron fist rule of late Hiroshi Yamauchi, it's sadly true that they used their dominant position to force plenty of hands, on the retail side too you forgot to mention, since you're on a mission to paint that evil painting of Nintendo.
What you forgot to mention is this was 30 years ago when business pratices were much harder, coming from a man... well everyone knows how a hardballer Yamauchi was... he never hid it, didn't sugarcoat it & certainly was never quoted hypocritically distribuing verbal pats on the back while handing money to 3rd parties to stay away from the competition devices.
3rd party companies thrived under Yamauchi iron fist rule, few games a year meant quality titles & a tight schedule where titles were released not telescoping each other, giving room & money for everyone, instead of having more then half of high profile games getting released in November/December...
Sorry to call you like that but if you can say that Nintendo is in the same backstabbing league of sony with a straight face, either you are ignorant or your loath of Nintendo blinds you...
Cheers, keep up the good work on the tech side of Go Nintendo, where I have no problem saying that you really are ace ;)

You asked what ridleysaria was talking about, I filled in the details. He was explicitly referring to the NES days, which did happen.

There are many of my comments where your reply would have fit, but not that one. Smile

Mon Aug 14 17 01:16pm
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But I was not talking about he NES days or did sony made consoles in the NES era??? I'm talking about today. By this logic the US is an evil country because they had slaves back in the day...
Again, I'm well aware of Yamaushi iron fist era, but it's been a while since Nintendo changed their stance!
Again back then Yamauchi played hard ball, but without excusing it, it was the context back then, he never hid it nore was selling himself as sweeter than cottoncandy or smoother than a baby's butt the way sony cynically does... sony want to play hardball , fine, it's business & I get it, but if sony wants to be the wolf, they have to wear the costume too, they don't get to wear the innocent sheep one!
That's what disgusts me with sony's praise of Nintendo and again you can't compare Nintendo & sony, Nintendo is a far better more loyal & honest company than shady backstabbing cynical sony!!!

T27duck knows what's up. I'd have thought a "gamegod" would have known about that.

No, he only shares the same afliction that plagues you, a mortal loathing of Nintendo, resulting in poor comments the likes you made: Nazis killed people, US killed people i.e. US are Nazis
When I read to that kind of phallacy/conclusions, I sometimes wonder why I do bother (I do know why in fact, but still pisses me off)!
sony are treacherous cynical backstabbers, if you think Nintendo's is on par with them, all I have to say is enjoy living in your blue pilled swallowing fantasy world...

fred duck
Sun Aug 13 17 11:48am
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Mr. Ryan was asked if the Switch's early success changed his view on portables.

Why would it? According to this article, Nintendo says "switch is a home gaming console first and foremos."


They're just saying that so that they can position the 3DS as their current handheld and Switch as their current home console for a while until the 3DS starts to die off, at which point they'll refer to the Switch as the hybrid that it is. Switch is technically a home console for sure but it's really the next evolution in their historically more profitable handheld division that can conveniently be used as a home console exclusively if wanted. There won't be a new handheld alongside Switch, unless the console nosedives in sales (which seems unlikely) and they need a failsafe.

Sun Aug 13 17 07:30pm
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and nintendo expected the wiiu would sell 100M

we really need to break free of PR and marketing nonsense

Sun Aug 13 17 06:31pm
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The comments in here are truly cancerous.

when the gaming division of sony (with their zero innovative culture - we copy everything from everyone else mentality) praises nintendo for something...this is not really good.

Microsoft's praise is more sincere and an entirely different story.

When the Wii was a success, the third parties and the competition attacked Nintendo and give them condescending "praise" (i,e the "casuals" and so on)

when the Wii U was failing, the third parties and the competition praised them and gave them compliments.

So why I should trust when Sony or MS "congratulates" Nintendo? It's illogical. You don't see Sony praising MS and viceversa. This has some underline intentions.


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