Switch firmware 3.0.0 had a huge exploit, is paving the way for homebrew

Nintendo recently offered up Switch firmware 3.0.1, and as usual, no big details were given on why the patch was issued. Turns out hardware hackers have sniffed out the reasoning, and it was related to a huge exploit.

Prior to 3.0.1, the service manager ("sm") built-in system module treats a user as though it has full permissions if the user creates a new "sm:" port session but bypasses initialization. In 3.0.1, "sm" returns error code 0x415 if Initialize has not been called yet.

What does all this mean? Turns out the issue allowed full permissions to any service in the OS for anyone. This one issue is going to be the key to homebrew on the Switch. Obviously Nintendo wants to stop that, which is why they've released the update.

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Fri Aug 18 17 06:51pm
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Yay, can't wait for region-free... oh wait.

Fri Aug 18 17 06:35pm
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Only a matter of time now.

Maybe I'm to dull to fully understand how it is possible to upvote and cheer for such a news. Yes, homebrew brought some cool stuff to Consoles and Handhelds, but also brought pirating en masse. So, cheering for pirating and never Update the Console again? The Go Nintendo Community seems to like it.

Fri Aug 18 17 06:37pm
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Dear lord I hope mine is in airplane mode

Fri Aug 18 17 06:51pm
Rating: 9

Yay, can't wait for region-free... oh wait.

nice. Although I have mine set up for auto-updates :X

It's already patched, so newer switch will not have this vulnerability. Only a small fraction of user will be able to tale advantaje of this exploit (users that didn't update their consoles and won't in the near future)

I assume switch units ship not updated.

The process to massively program all the chips is the same for any firmware, it only would take to replace a file on the factory. They might have to wait for the next plant stoppage (worst case scenario) but in a few months all switch will come with a more recent firmware out of the box

It says this update only works with the 3.0 update, so wouldn't the new units still on OS 1.0 not have access to it anyways?

Not if it was something else in 3.0 that opened the bug\borked the code

They stop manufacturing the old firmware once they make the new firmware. No more units are manufactured with 1.0, just as no more units were/will be packed up with 3.0 since the update.

As far as I'm aware, Nintendo always ships their consoles with the base IS until a few years in.

They usually update the firmware a little more often than that. That being said, if a critical update is out Im sure that new units (after this batch) will come with a more recent firmware.

region free AND eshop free (at least easy access to any), better than steam actually so.... what exactly is the use of that ? lol
I was pretty surprised to see ps3 hdd loader jailbroken , since usually it's only the nintendo platforms which receive all of this attention
pretty transparent situation :/

i'm going to be so mad when splatoon2 is hacked .

They cant play splatoon unless they update the console. :P

I used the TP Glitch to do some homebrew stuff on my Wii, so I get all that that scene entails, but at this stage in my life, I just don't see the point. I only have so many free hours in the day so I'm generally going to be playing "officially licensed" game releases for my consoles, plus the Switch is region free out of the box.

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