Nintendo Direct 9/13 - Live-stream and blog

- Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon: Necrozma has transformed into two new forms, new map areas like a beach and a valley of Pikachu, characters have new looks and clothing items, the way you encounter your first partner Pokemon is different as well, get a special Rockruff if you purchase early, get the digital version before Jan. 10th to get 12 Quick Balls, Pokemon Gold/Sliver version purchase will give you Celebi as a bonus in Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, pre-purchase Gold/Sliver after the Direct, new Ultra Beasts in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

- Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions amiibo get you stamps
- Kirby Battle Royale coming to 3DS, arena battle mode and use Kirby abilities, due out Jan. 2018

- Minecraft: New 3DS Edition launches TODAY!
- Mario Party: The Top 100 is a compilation of the best Mario Party games for 3DS, due out this November

- EUROPE - Luigi's Mansion 2, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Super Mario 3D Land coming to Nintendo Selects. October 13
- EUROPE - New Style Boutique 3 coming November 24th

- Japan is getting new color options for the New 2DS XL on Oct. 5th, 2017

Snapper Canal and Kelp Dome revealed for Splatoon 2, Tenta Brella weapon as well that lets you guard a large area, Kelp Dome is available Friday

- Snipperclips Plus coming with new content, with over 30 new stages, new feature lets you replay the original stages with predetermined body shaps, due out Nov. 10th, new content available as DLC for existing owners

- Rocket League due out this Holiday
- Arena of Valor hasreal-time online battles, 5v5 3v3 1v1 and a unique Hook Wars mode, due out this Winter as a beta test and will be free.
- Skyrim due out on Switch Nov. 17th
- Doom coming to Switch this Holiday season
- Wolfenstein II due out on witch in 2018

- Arcade Archives: Mario Bros. coming to Switch this November, plus more Arcade Archives games coming from Nintendo
- Pokken Tournament DX demo available now

- Project Octopath Traveler is alive! Coming from the producers of Bravely Default. Choose one of 8 protagonists. Each has their own journey to forge. Each character has their own interactions with people they encounter, called Path Actions. The Warrior Olberic can challenge almost anyone to a duel. The dancer Primrose can allure characters to follow her. Battles are turn-based with all-new mechanics. The Boost System lets you accumlate boost points with each turn, which can be used to strengthen or chain your attacks, target weak points on enemies. You can also use these points to bring an ally back into battle if they've fallen. Demo available later today!

- ARMS update with Lola Pop and customizable controls is out TODAY!
- Dragon Quest Builders is coming to Switch in Spring 2018
- Kirby Switch, now called Kirby: Star Allies lets you share various attributes and combine them into unique attacks. Co-op with up to 3 friends, due out Spring 2018.

- Super Mario Odyssey's Cappy is out save his sister, Tiara. Shiveria is in the Snow Kingdom. Bubblaine is in the Seaside Kingdom. There's also tropical islands to visit. Talkatoo and the Hint Toad will help you find Power Moons, as will Uncle Amiibo. Koopa Freerunning and Jump-rope are mini-games where you can go online to see leaderboards. Snapshot mode lets you pause and take pics, blur/change color of the pic, rotate the camera, and post to social media/use as a wallpaper

- Super Mario Odyssey bundle due out at launch


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Wed Sep 13 17 06:50pm
Rating: 9

Can we just take a moment and realize they announced DOOM for release within 6 months?

Wed Sep 13 17 05:57pm
Rating: 1

Please make My Nintendo not so god damn useless!

Okami HD Switch version plase

Mid-Gen new Pokemon :O


I have wanted this for YEAAARS but I never thought they would ACTUALLY. YESSSSSS.

now bring it to switch!!

Sigh... Xenoblade 2 looks so pretty. I'm glad my SO will probably want it, because I'm curious about it but wouldn't want it myself. I just couldn't get into the original Xenoblade at ALL, and even though I really like the aesthetic it goes for, the battle system just never works for me... maybe this'll be better?

Wed Sep 13 17 06:21pm
Rating: 2

Xenoblade 2 special edition with artbook and selected songs on CD!

Wed Sep 13 17 06:35pm
Rating: 1

Huzzah! glad I was wrong about XenoBlade Chronicles 2.

Wed Sep 13 17 06:41pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

The only "new" games for me were the Doom and Wolfenstein games coming to switch, we knew about everything else. I expected some big surprises :/

Mario still looks amazing, Octopath looks intriguing and arcade games is pretty rad. Not much else struck my fancy though.

Man, that was awful. Every single game I was interested in before the Direct I am no longer interested in after watching it. Including Mario Odyssey, which was the primary reason I bought a Switch. They couldn't have made Xenoblade 2 and Mario Odyssey look any more boring if they tried. Every segment was presented in a boring, lackadaisical manner that made the games come across as not worth my time.

I bet you go to bed with a bowl of blue smarties don't you? Why don't you wait for a review before making a judgment based on a bloody trailer?

At what point did I make any judgments on games? I stated that the manner in which the trailers were presented caused me to lose interest. I didn't judge the games, I judged the trailers shown in the Direct. If those caused me to lose interest, then that's the fault of the trailer. I'm not judging a game I'm not interested in, this is literally the exact opposite of that. A lack of interest is not judgment, if anything it's a lack of judgment.

Also, if your only defense of the Direct is to make an odd Smarties reference that's more of an indictment of the Direct and the manner in which it presented its content than a valid defense.

At what point did I make any judgments on games?

Uhhhh did you even read what you wrote? your entire statement is judgmental. Saying that everything presented is "boring", "lackadaisical" and "not worth of my time" is basically you passing judgment on them. Man, the nerve of some people lol

'Every single game I was interested in before the Direct I am no longer interested in after watching it.'

'Made the games come across as not being worthy of my time.'

If that isn't making a rash judgement based on a trailer then I don't know what is. You literally just said you're no longer interested in the game because of a boring trailer.

The smarties reference is based on an old strip from Viz comics where a whiny spoilt brats mum would pick him all the blue smarties out of the tube for him every night.

Wed Sep 13 17 06:56pm
(Updated 1 time)

Have to agree here, but they have done the same with Breath of the Wild during the Treehouse Segment at E3 2016. Such Blockbuster Titles don't need a presentation this big. The games are coming out soon and are well advertised. They can't show much because of Spoiler. I do think both the Xenoblade 2 and Mario Odyssey presentations were pretty unnecessary. Directs should be meant for complete new games and short features for upcoming games. And at least one big surprise.

Missed any new features for the Switch (Online improvements, Achievements, Virtual Console and stuff like that). No news from Platinum Games. Few short surprises from Bethesda. So, all in all, Direct was solid but highly unnecessary. They shouldn't waste any ressources if there is so little new to announce. Hope there will be a final 2017 Direct in December, but from what I've seen so far from recent Nintendo announcements, I think they said to themselves: "Call it a year".

Think we'll get a Jan Direct and maybe a small one this year (which I doubt). The Jan one should be filled with news though. I think it will be.

Woah. Looks like King Dedede snuck into Morphies Law briefly and shot a bunch of buff dudes in the torso and arms.

Wed Sep 13 17 06:50pm
Rating: 9

Can we just take a moment and realize they announced DOOM for release within 6 months?

Didn't see that, busy WTF-ing after seeing DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 on the Switch.
wonder if it's 720p30fps or 60. There's no way it can be 1080p60fps, right?

I'm expecting 720p 30fps.

i want that, and i don't know why

Wed Sep 13 17 06:51pm
Rating: 1

Nothing from Platinum Games as predicted

Decent Direct, but it had lots of good stuff to show, just nothing really new or surprising.

Not gonna lie, I am a little disappointed we didn't get anything Smash related, I know, I wasn't expecting it or anything, but that itch is always there you know.

Wed Sep 13 17 06:52pm
Rating: 1

I was really hoping for Doom, and that I got! SWEET! Wont be getting it on XO now.

Octopath looked very good. Getting it for sure and XBC is looking better and better as with MArio.

I was really hoping to see something from Platinum, as usual, but good I get my hopes down a bit. But we know they are onto something.

Nice Direct all in all, but would have been fun with that one big WOW most were waiting for.

The Switch is of to a damn good start!

I'd have thought they'd have gone with Doom and Wolfenstein as closers with a more atmospheric trailer, one of those where we all go 'ooo what's this' and then BAM! Doom and fudging Wolfenstein! They announced them so haphazardly

Then again, these games are already out, so why spend time on that? Think the point is that they are announced, which is damn good.

Doom and Wolfenstein were the best announcements here. Mario Party Top 100 was exciting until I realized it was for 3DS...UGH!!!! This Direct blew IMO. Cool we got a title for Kirby and Lola Pop gets released today...yay?

Excited for the Arcade Nintendo games since I've wanted something like that forever despite how unlikely it seemed due to them not owning most of their early games. Sad at no VC AGAIN, but at least we're getting real Nintendo classics on the thins very soon. My only real gripe comes from how they spent a tad too long talking about XB2 for my liking but oh well. Good overall, but nothing megaton worthy even if I expected such

Wed Sep 13 17 06:57pm
Rating: 1

Well it got me to be sure to get XB2. Looks very good.

Pokemon USUM looks like a nice remix of SM [if you hadn't played them already], but not enticing enough to buy also, imho.
Ugh. More new non-Pokemon in new Ultra Beasts. They look terrible.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 reminds me of XB x SoA in narrative and visual style / presentation
I like how unlike XB, these Titans are actually alive, and so you not actually traverse but talk, bond and or fight with them!

KELP DOME returns in Splatoon 2 - YESSS!

DOOM?! Now that is a surprise

Mario Odyssey looking awesome, of course! That Ice Kingdom looked intense
The Snapshot Mode is really cool, as is that bundle

Ultra Beasts are Pokemon..... Whether you like them or not, it opens up the possibility of even more new Pokemon for the game (which is a first for third version games). And we still don't have full details on what this game will offer ( we dont know all the new areas and changes made to the story/trials/gyms).

I know they're counted as such [which I don't think I'll ever accept - they were perfect otherworldly RPG bosses].

Nothing to get truly excited about until this applies to new [non-legendary / alike] pokemon mid-gen, though.

We'll see on the game content...

Thu Sep 14 17 06:57pm
(Updated 1 time)

I will agree that I wish they were kept as RPG bosses, but I really like their designs and how they are pretty mush aliens in the PokeVerse.

I dont think that will happen since it is ULTRAsun and ULTRAmoon but who knows, they are already breaking conventions by introducing these new ultra beast so we could be seeing new regular pokemon.

I am pretty sure we will get better post game content than S/M. This content is usually revealed the last month before the game comes out so we will see it next month.

This is not specifically against you, but I am unsure how some are calling this game the laziest ones considering Yellow and Crystal exist. I guess it just takes a great post-game content for people to get satisfied with third versions considering Emerald's and to some extent Platinum's saving grace is the Battle Frontier.

To be blunt, that was one of the most boring Nintendo Directs I have ever seen, and I've seen nearly all of them.

Super Mario Odyssey looks as great as ever. It's really exciting, but I could have done with only watching that portion of the Direct.

I did start to nod off at one point. A very lackluster 45 minutes. Can't win em all.

The majority of Nintendo Directs in the last couple of years have been like this, though. They're not winning many of them.


DOOM and Wolfenstein are definitely the most interesting things announced at this Direct, but Project Octopath Traveler (A DEMO AVAILABLE TODAY!), the 100 minigames in Mario Party 3DS, and the new weapon and stages in Splatoon 2 are gonna be neat. And no doubt Mario Odyssey is gonna be Game of the Year for most outlets. And the outlets where it isn't will have Breath of the Wild as Game of the Year.

Wed Sep 13 17 06:57pm
Rating: 1

Dying to see an eShop redesign. It's awful at the moment and does nothing to help promote lesser known titles or showcase bigger ones. A friend of mine has just bought their son one and asked where all the eShop games were because they missed the 'see all' button at the bottom of the recent releases page and charts. They thought that's all there was to offer.

Doom 2016 is the best fps to come out in a very long time! Have it on PC, but I will definitely get this to play on the go. Too bad the Xenoblade chronicles 2 trailer was so boring. What else? Oh, Project Octopath Traveller looks really good!

Lynn is in Fire Emblem Warriors? I'm happy... and yet confused... didn't they say the playable characters were going to be limited to Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates?

Project Octopath and Xenoblade Chronicles stole the show for me. The battle system in both games look fantastic. I love the artstyle of Project Octopath. The Nintendo Switch is going to continue on its path to the top.

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