Doom - includes all updates/DLC, lacking level editor, physical copy requires free download for multiplayer

- will have all the updates and DLC released for the original game, minus the SnapMap level editor
- physical version will only include the single-player campaign due to size constraints, but you can download multiplayer for free

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Can I convince you to get it? You should get it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Not your brother (that I know of)...

Wed Sep 13 17 10:38pm
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In the long run this is a really nice way to do things.

EDIT: Oh, no level editor at all? That stinks just a little.

I'm pretty satisfied with this. Just need to hear about gyro and I'll be set!

Man if it does have gyro I'm going to lose it.

I can't play it without it, so I'm hoping and hoping!!

Pretty cool of them to include multiplayer even if it doesn't fit on the cartridge. I probably wouldn't download it though if it's anything like the demo I played a couple years ago

Understandable, except the lack of map maker. Will still get it though.

I'm actually okay with this, I'll get the game.

How can people be good with this? No level editor AT ALL and they save money on smaller cartridges.

Since the prices for Switch games are just plain silly here in Norway (retail) I'll get this, as many other titles, from the eShop.

I am, though, very happy it is hitting the Switch. Give me gyro controlls. K THX

You can probably order from Sweden. Check spelbutiken.se for instance.

Thanks. I might have to take a look.

Can you imagine that BotW was 700 NOK at gamestop when it released? And ARMS is also about 200 more than on eShop at gamestop. I got physical on Zelda but I DL most games.

Well, Gamestop is förbannat jävla expensive in Sweden as well.

Thu Sep 14 17 09:45am
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Hehehe. Føkk dem! ;)

That was pretty easy to understand ^^

They could very well be using the 32gb card. That's the biggest available so far.

I'm not bummed about the map editor because I really didn't care for it anyway. The campaign is the important part.

I agree 100% that the campaign is the important part, but pelple are going to bitch. I was probably a bit tired yesterday and didn't explain everything so good ;)

I am getting this anyway. I was really hoping to see it on Switch, and vere it is.

Though it can be seen as detrimental, that editor eats up a looooot of space. Unless your plan is to clearly state it to the common customer, it's easier and financially more spund to remove it.

Not genuinely fond of that move. But most of my friends have moved on from Doom and looks like I may be enjoying a solid campaign experience (never got to before due to allocated time on multiplayer).

Apparently (from what I've heard) the multiplayer is mediocre compared to the Single player so this is the most desirable outcome. You can get it if you want it.

I will not be downloading that multiplayer lol, its not great. Level editor could have been fun, but compromises I guess.

If my brother convinces me to get it, I might try it out.

Can I convince you to get it? You should get it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Not your brother (that I know of)...

Yeah you really should get it. Really you should. Get it.

Yeah I think I'll get it just to play the campaign. The download isn't turning me off, I'm just not interested.

That's fine with me. Definitely planning on getting this game and Wolfenstein. I'm generally not a big multiplayer gamer, but I might download it anyway just to at least try it out. Maybe it'll draw me in like Splatoon 2 does.

Bought a PS4, bought Doom, played half way through, sold both, will DEFINITELY get this for Switch!!!

The multiplayer going missing on the cart is indeed a preferable solution. When the console is dead and you can't redownload it anymore should you wish to do so, you wouldnt be able to play it online anyway and it's likely that the reason you'd want to play it would be for local multi w/ several switches (assuming they even have local multi planned, either wireless or LAN)

I totally agree with this. A lot of us get games on cartridges so that we can play them years later.
And years later, multiplayer will be dead anyway.

So that's a good call.

Good call on making the MP optional [especially when I hear this game is way too bloody big uncompressed as it is!].

Well, looks like I'll be ripping and tearing on the go.

Thu Sep 14 17 11:16am
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Nice, don't care that much about the level editor. Is cool and all, but it just takes way too much time to build a level. These are some really good shooters, specially since they bring all the good things about shooters back in the day. Wish they would reboot Quake by using these same concepts.
Anyway, go get them!!

Ok with this and will buy day one. (I'll probably go the digital route anyway so the split cart for single/DL for multi doesn't really apply.)

The funny part is that they removed all the worst parts of the game.

I'm totally down for this and Wolfenstein. Nintendo systems have been missing out on good first person shooters for too long. I've missed sitting down and playing through a campaign like this.

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