Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Japanese box (regular, limited edition, Switch Pro Controller)

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how Monolith Soft manages to create such massive games in a small amount of time. It seems like they go from one game right into the next. The amount of work they have to do is absolutely insane. I mean, after seeing the footage for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 today, it seems like something that would have taken double the amount of time they've spent on it!


dual audio this time?

You can always buy from the japanese eshop. Woo no more region locking! Its what everyone wanted this for right?

Thu Sep 14 17 09:30am
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Ehm...can you switch eshop regions like you can on the 360? Probably not. Can you download the japanese game and have english text? Probably not. So not a whole lot of progress really.

I am still waiting for the jap VA on xenoblade chronicles X. then again hacking the console to play undubs is much easier

Thu Sep 14 17 09:53am
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Yes its easy to change region.

And why would you prefer the english subs when you have the superior japanese subs.


Hope so.
I hate British accent (sorry, no offense to you Britain, it's just that I have a sh*t taste) and that Gramp's voice in the Direct, so I'll wait till dual audio confirmation.
If there's none, I guess I look for something else...

This will most likely be my GOTY. I can't wait until December 1st.

Man, that control look ugly.

I think it looks great but I love red/black combo. To each their own

I think it looks way better than the Splatoon one.

Dual Audio please, if not, then at least add english text to the japanese version of the game. I'm still wishing for a re-release of XCX with the original Japanese audio on Switch. Either way, can't wait! But a game with so much voice acting like this, needs to provide multiple audio choices, like BOTW after release.

Thu Sep 14 17 12:26pm
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I like the controller im glad nintendo is making cool controllers they should do that instead of making special consoles like the 3ds.

On another note maybe the game isnt as good as it seems? maybe thats how its been completed in such a short amount of time? idk but it does look good at first i didnt want the game but now i do.

I still dont understand the big ole titties I mean I get it because boobs but it just is awkward looking on a scrawny ass teenage anime chick I mean no other female characters that we've seen has it . I just want an explaination for it dammit, or i hope they at least joke about it in the game cause shes a "sword" with big tits I mean come one if no one mentions it in the game the writers have no sense of humor.

The game was completed faster because they are using the framework from Xenoblade Chronicles X as a base. It's not all that bad when you have an existing base to build off of rather than creating from scratch, which is what happened with X.

I don't understand why the handles of the controller are red.

I think it's supposed to resemble the main Blade in the game. That red and black girl, forgot her name

Ok. But if the handles were the same blue color as the cross in the middle of the controller, I would definitely buy it.

Yeah, definitely. I don't like the way this controller looks, but I think this was the reason behind it

Fri Sep 15 17 02:59pm
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Oh, hey. The colors and framing of the boxart are super-reminiscent of the original's.

That is kinda cool.

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