Analyst believes Animal Crossing mobile will be launching in Dec 2017/early 2018

Macquarie Capital Securities analyst David Gibson has seen fit to release a prediction for the upcoming Animal Crossing mobile title. While Nintendo has been a bit quiet about the game lately, Mr. Gibson believes the title will launch as soon as Dec. 2017, and if not then, early 2018. I would imagine Nintendo will give the game its own Direct presentation whenever it does come out. Let's see if Mr. Gibson's prediction ends up correct!

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Odd how its taking so long for a mobile game to come out since well...mobile games are milked to death these days.

Maybe it will really be legit?

Animal Crossing on mobile done right might just have a shot at being a massive mainstream hit and making Nintendo ludicrous amounts of money. As much as I want Animal Crossing on Switch, a part of me thinks that maybe mobile is the right place for it... like the right place for the true sequel to New Leaf and not just a spinoff. I know that opinion won't be popular.

Tue Sep 19 17 05:57pm
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Or, as someone mentioned above, one for mobile and one for Switch and have some interaction between the two. Would be perfect.

I actually agree. I've been thinking for awhile that Animal Crossing would be the perfect mobile game. But at the same time, I worry it'll be a freemium title and fall prey to a bunch of microtransactions like most mobile games nowadays and have some sort refuel mechanic where you either have to wait, pay a certain amount to eliminate the wait, or watch a bunch of ads to speed up the wait. So if it released in like 2011-12, it'd be a good mobile game, but there really are so few quality mobile games nowadays, that I don't trust that DeNA will do the port justice. For that reason and because I trust Nintendo and 2nd parties more (and because I want more Switch games), I'd rather have it on Switch.

Tue Sep 19 17 07:55pm
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Freemium seems all but inevitable, unfortunately... perhaps it can be fair though. If the game starts you off with a reasonable selection of content and $5 gets you enough credit to buy a really decent amount of other stuff players will want that is constantly being added to the game, that's not unreasonable. Maybe other ways to monetize the game like optional subscription fees to have everything available for purchase with bells? Or, as much as we hate them, unobtrusive ads that could even be built in the game with a tongue-in-cheek self awareness like billboards near the shops? Or how about real life products you can purchase for your pad? Yeah, I want an LG 4K TV and Coca-Cola machine for the man-cave.

I'm totally willing to pay for a good mobile experience or deal with unobtrusive advertising, and there must be a way to do it that isn't sleazy like most other titles.


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