Switch's hidden Golf game and Satoru Iwata tribute - more footage

Nintendo has included some really fantastic Easter eggs with the Switch, and this one certainly takes the cake. A loving tribute to Satoru Iwata. I just wish we could access it easier. I would love to give it a go, but my Switch is far past the initial firmware and I've certainly connected it to the internet. I guess I'll have to wait until July 11th to have my shot.

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And this may explain why it is there!


So we all have Iwata spirit with us now

And this may explain why it is there!


So we all have Iwata spirit with us now

This is so heartwarming and at the same time heart wrecking. I've been a mess since I found out about this. Every time I think about the Switch engineers putting Iwata's first game inside the console as a memento of him it just reminds me of what a great man he was and how sad his passing continues to be. I haven't gotten over it yet, I still tear up every time.

The Switch just got even more special than it used to be.

He...he talked...Iwata talked... Ahh... something's in my eye.

The impact this man had on Nintendo, it's employees and the gaming world at large will always be felt. Thank you for everything, Mr. Iwata. You are truly missed.

yeah sorry to say that, but I truly hope this is true , it might be amusing to create a fake but it would be bad to bring that.
if it's a fake , what exactly is those guys suppose to say.
"on one day ", yeah I'm not happy

Who would make a fake about Iwata and choose Golf over Ballong Fight?

Also last time I check the Switch don't have a internet browser or youtube app Except if you use a hot-spot login BUT then you can only use Facebook to see Facebook video and I CAN'T find the so call "video" the Switch are showing there.

So If you think this a fake because of that Rayman in Smash video, so would I say that I think is a LOT easier to just play a video at a TV-SCREEN without REAL gameplay without showing the CONCOLE, than it is to show a video at the CONSOLE-SCREEN and doing the action on screen on the REAL CONTROLER just right.

And I think Facebook have links/videos with more FAKE content than this video!

Wed Sep 20 17 11:17am
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Every Switch is a shrine now.

With how shintoism works, it wouldn't be far from the thruth. O-O
And that's very well. I agree a lot with this. He would certainly say he's not worthy of that kind of treatment, but I feel better thinking he'll now be closer than ever to both the people he worked so hard to make happy, and his passion.
Still a bit early to really enshrine him as a kami though... these things should take a bit more time.


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