GoNintendo Video Review - SteamWorld Dig 2


- excellent Metroidvania-style gameplay
- sprawling world to explore
- spot-on controls
- item upgrades and new abilities keep the game feeling fresh
- wonderful soundtrack
- plenty of goodies to hunt down
- multiple options and methods to tweak the game to your play-style
- extremely tough to put down


- I cannot think of a single thing that irks me

Final Word

While SteamWorld Dig was an amazing experience, SteamWorld Dig 2 manages to outclass it in every conceivable way. The gameplay is more varied. The game world is much bigger. The storyline is more intriguing. The gameplay mechanics are as addictive as ever, but with all-new abilities and upgrades. I honestly struggled for a good 15 minutes trying to think of a single complaint I had, and came up with nothing.

As far as Metroidvania experiences go, this could very well be the best one out there. Image & Form have created their best title to date, and that's saying a lot when you consider their pedigree thus far. SteamWorld Dig 2 is not to be missed. If you own a Switch, SteamWorld Dig 2 is a must-have title. Get ready to fall in love.

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Wed Sep 20 17 04:49pm
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No Random levels?
PERFECT, may buy it now

Having random levels sound so lazy to do instead of man-made levels.
So i will unfourtantly not buy the first game as long it has random levels,

But having random level in a multiplayer party game like Mario Party is a fine idea, but not so much in a singleplayer adventure/action game like Metroid.

I want my singleplayer to have a end and NOT have "infinity" endings.
User made stuff is a better way of doing "infinity" levels like in Mario Maker

Nice review RMC, I might check this game out sometime!

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