GoNintendo Video - SNES Classic Edition unboxing: "Home Shopping" Style

As you guys know, I always like to try and do something different with my unboxing videos. I decided to take a "home shopping" approach with this vid. I hope you like how it turned out!

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Tags: snes


But you overlooked tthe perfect opportunity:
"Only if you order NOW in the next hour, we will put in A SECOND controller for you FREE OF CHARGE!"

At 1:05......Di....Did you....Did you say "F Dash Zero"...? Have...Have I been saying this wrong for the past 20 years?

No. I am pretty sure he did it as a joke. Since a lot of people are uninformed about products they are usually selling. Also, it's a shame RMC didn't show off the poster that is included.

F dash Zero is the correct pronunciation. 😂

Isn't it "F Hyphen Zero"?

Was that... Larry Hagiputar, or Papiputar, or something like that?

Genius video overall. GENIUS!

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