GoNintendo Video - Switch Icon Theater: Thimbleweed Park

Switch icons are BIG talk with Switch owners, so I thought I'd have some fun with it! Check out the first installment of Switch Icon Theater! Is there going to be a second episode? That depends on if you like this one!

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"...and in Twin Peaks, there was a sign."

I really got a kick out of this video, RMC. Well done. Smile

Hopefully metacritic starts aggregating game icon scores. You're a pioneer!

hahaha that was very well done and funny

10/10 would watch again

Hahaa, great accent too. Good job RMC!

...but why are people wasting so much thought on boot-up icons, though?

Tue Oct 03 17 06:58pm
(Updated 1 time)

Because of their size on the Switch. They aren't icons they are tiles in handheld and posters/boxart size when docked.

As I booted up my PS4 today, I realized Switch isn't the only console with "big" home screen icons, so I'm also at a loss why this is such a big deal now lol

Either way, EXCELLENT video RMC!

Any Thimbleweed promotion is good promotion. :P

Wed Oct 04 17 11:48am
(Updated 1 time)

That was awesome RMC. Thanks for the laughs and giving me a little more pep in my step today.

I have a feeling you accidentally added n't to your message

Thanks Nurio, my friend! 😆

Got it fixed!

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