Nintendo stock market value soars past Sony

Nintendo's stock is quite the success story in recent months. Value keeps going up and up, and now the Big N has a market value higher than that of all of Sony. That's pretty crazy when you think about it. I believe the last time this happened was during the Pokemon GO boom, but that was inflated due to investors not fully knowing how much Nintendo was involved in the game. This time around, the value is all Nintendo!

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That just seems impossible. What year is it?

$54.6 Billion of Doooooooooomed.

What’s most impressive is that Sony is such a bigger beast than Nintendo with their hands in many more markets but Nintendo is primarily just a video game company.

Sony is big in video games, consumer electronics, movies, tv, music and probably more.

$54.6 Billion of Doooooooooomed.

You just made my morning.

Wed Oct 11 17 11:41am
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But they managed to make a lot without having any layoffs(I'm of course referring to Nintendo of Japan here.) unlike Sony.

While I love to see this, it must be said that Nintendo stock is WAY overvalued right now and will come crashing down the second that investors see something that they don't like.

Those of you holding significant Nintendo stock might be wise to sell soon while the price is so high!

Wed Oct 11 17 10:56am
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I wonder which direction it would go if Nintendo announced lootboxes for Odyssey

1/10000 chance Luigi will be inside a lootbox.

Wed Oct 11 17 11:43am
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I wonder which direction it would go if Nintendo announced lootboxes for Odyssey

Amiibos are there lootboxes. And you can only open one, once per day.

I’m going to celebrate! Congratulations Nintendo!

Wait, ALL of Sony? Because Sony has lots of divisions. I mean, they even have that whole motion-picture division.

I mean, if it's ALL of Sony that's incredibly good news.


I want Nintendo to go 3rd Party Sad

Looks like we might be playing Sony exclusives on Nintendo's machines instead. lol


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