Nintendo explains why Earthbound isn't included on the Super Famicom Classic Edition...kind of

The following comes from a Famitsu interview with Kazuyoshi Nishi from Nintendo’s general affairs departmen...

“It’s not simply because it’s Japan that we didn’t include Mother 2, but with the balance of genres, IPs and characters, there were lots of other RPGs we wanted to compile besides Mother 2. The concept this time around was that this was something to be played with kids and friends. Naturally, if it were possible, I’d want to include all of them.”

That's Nintendo's answer, so that's what we have to live with. It doesn't seem to make much sense to me, though. The game was included on the SNES Classic Edition here in the states. I realize Nintendo can't include all SNES games, but they couldn't make room for one more in the Super Famicom Classic Edition?

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Well look at that, EA has more in common with Nintendo than I thought, they obviously like to answer this kind of questions in the same way.

Yet they somehow taught a random Soccer game was good enough to include on the Japanese SFC Mini.

Honestly, they could have easily made it include 23 games, added chrono trigger and DKC2 and it would be perfect.

Same thing for Japan. Earthbound + one other beloved title Japan is missing.

Well, just look at it as "that one time North America got Earthbound and Japan didn't."

Ironic because the Mother games are pretty kid-friendly. Straightforward in mechanics, funny and colourful, not a lot of menus to sort through like some other RPGs.

What was the limit, exactly? Seems silly to me, and the lack of an ability to later increase your library with eShop purchases is a real put-off from dropping $80 on this.

I really want goemon and formation soccer from the jpn mini sfc. FS was pretty big back in the day, in fact probably the first time many europeans learned about the word soccer.

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I can totally understand Nintendo. There would be always people who would say "but they could just add one more game" and one another, and one more... People will always complain because one specific game is not on it. Chrono Trigger is not on it, because there are enough RPGs on the SNES mini, DCK2+3 is not on it because there are enough platformers on it.

They only can add a limited number of games. If you want more, you have to buy it in the future on the Switch. They sell these games for, i think 8 USD/EUR on the Virtual console? 21 games for 8 EUR each = 168 Euro. But you can buy the SNES mini for 90 Euro.

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