Convicted felon found with 18 weapons, including one painted like an NES Zapper

We've posted this story after the jump, as some people have found the contents to be too disturbing. We have also altered the title from it's original version.

Now this is some scary stuff. Darkel Deshay Martin, a convicted felon and suspected rapist, was found to have a stash of 18 different weapons in his possession. The police went through Martin's collection, which included the gun seen above, a pistol painted to resemble an NES Zapper. Martin was charged Sept. 28 in St. Louis County Circuit Court with burglary, second-degree rape, armed criminal action and a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He ended up skipping out on a court hearing, and also didn't attach a court-ordered GPS device to his ankle. Martin then had a warrant out for his arrest, and was thankfully apprehended earlier today.

For those who don't know, Nintendo originally released the NES Zapper in two-tone gray. This was eventually changed to a Zapper with orange trim. Nintendo stated this was done due to safety concerns, which people mistaking the Zapper for an actual gun.

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Thu Oct 12 17 08:21pm
Rating: 3

LOL, he even wrote Nintendo Zapper on it.

Your country is seriously fucked up with guns.

Thu Oct 12 17 06:35pm
Rating: 1

Friday the 13th is starting well...

Thu Oct 12 17 06:37pm
Rating: 2

I like it I want one.

Somebody made a pretty entertaining video of him demonstrating one that he gave this makeover to a while back. They call it the Glocktendo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJbS5PYQudQ

cheerful totally necessary story

Thu Oct 12 17 06:40pm
Rating: 3

I have altered the title a bit, and also placed the story behind the jump for now.

Ought to be horrifying to pick up this gun for a game of Duck Hunt with an old friend, only for a round to be unloaded into your newly-bought HDTV.

Well, that would be the best case scenario. Its more plausible someone could get hurt by not knowing if its loaded.

Thu Oct 12 17 09:23pm
Rating: 2

Equally horrifying: trying to play a Zapper game on an HDTV xD

The gun does look cool as a NES Zapper though.

Thu Oct 12 17 08:21pm
Rating: 3

LOL, he even wrote Nintendo Zapper on it.

Your country is seriously fucked up with guns.

Anything lethal is something of a passtime in USA.

Thu Oct 12 17 10:07pm
Rating: 2

Including the food. Tasty but deadly.

Amazing. Ill take 4!

Serious tho, God Bless the US

You gotta admit it looks pretty cool

I'm an anti-gun guy but I totally want one. lol

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