Niantic teases Gen 3 for Pokemon GO, CEO says he hopes players will see them soon

Niantic CEO John Hanke is definitely teasing a Gen 3 release for Pokemon GO. While we don't have a specific date on when these Pokemon are coming, it seems like they could be soon.

"There is a lot of Pokémon that have not yet been launched. So I think the next secret weapon will be launch of the next Pokémon generation. I hope the players will soon see them."

Hanke also went on to talk about the revamped battle system, but it seems that's a ways off. According to him, that would be more in-line with a 2018 release.

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And then Niantic proceeds to screw over the fanbase all over again.

I finally lost interest in the app after they required group battles for legendaries. It's been fun. Maybe I'll jump in once the battle system is tweaked; currently battles are my least favorite and I never visited gyms... quick, who can tap their phone the fastest 🙄

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