Xbox/Windows Corporate Vice President congratulates Nintendo on Super Mario Odyssey

I'm always a sucker for this kind of stuff. Man, Nintendo and Microsoft really have become fast friends this generation. Makes you wonder what could happen in the future.

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Could you imagine Nintendo congratulating Xbox on the release of Super Lucky's Tale?

...Super what?

Thu Oct 26 17 11:11pm
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I'll be getting this come 11/07. Of course I'll be playing that Odyssey.

Yeah, this game looks super cute and chill.

RMC, are you suggesting a Microsoft takeover of Nintendo? Or a future collaboration?

Let's hope neither ever happens, unless it involved allowing Nintendo to use some old Rare stuff, honestly.

Nintendo really should just re-purchase the Rare library.

It is nice seeing Microsoft and Nintendo play nice but I have to admit that a pissing contest between the two companies would be some quality entertainment.

Fast Friends? gimme a break.

Sony and MS only compliment Nintendo when they do something wrong or they shouldn't. Remember when they congratulate them for the wii u and how they attacked them for teh Wii? it seems that they want them to fail and give false praise for it.

You're definitely Sean Malstrom.

Remember though, whether it's sincere or not, it's free advertising for their own products, just for being nice.

Yeah, I like it when the companies congratulate each other or just spread good-will toward one another.

Honestly, I'm just glad the days of Jack Tretton's snark and ...bad-will are over. To me, he was basically the embodiment of the console wars that still linger today. ...Besides the fans that are also keeping it alive.

This is because the Xbox folks like games just like us gamers. Nice gesture for a grand achievement on Nintendo's part.


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