YouTube's head of gaming thinks Nintendo can do better when it comes to working with content creators

Content creators on YouTube aren't happy with how Nintendo handles monetization on videos. Turns out YouTube isn't happy either. YouTube’s head of gaming, Ryan Wyatt, said he believes Nintendo can do better.

“They’re spending a lot of time looking at how to engage their creation community and how to handle monetization. [YouTubers] are able to livestream Nintendo content and monetize through our non-ad products. That’s a better question served to them for what they want to do in the future, but I think there are ways to better improve and better optimize how they work with the creators.”

I doubt Nintendo is going to listen to anyone but themselves on the matter. I personally do not monetize my YouTube videos, but I'm hit with copyright claims almost every day. I can see why some who try to earn a living through YouTube might be having a rough time with Nintendo-related content.

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Tue Nov 14 17 07:15pm
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Well the world thinks that YouTube's Head of Gaming and everyone else over there can do a whole lot better at a whole lot of stuff and that isn't happening either.

It's true Nintendo can do better in some areas of IP enforcement to balance their protection along with fair-use provisions, but it doesn't help up until Nintendo had to put their feet down, people were illegally profiting from Nintendo IP in YouTube videos (of course at the time, Nintendo also had --and still has-- a clause saying they can not work with fans that want to ask for permission to use IPs in fanworks*).

*There would be too much copyright red tape which is why Nintendo doesn't work with fans that often. If copyright laws were softened a bit to favor fair use more, then Nintendo wouldn't have to be quite as anal on IP enforcement.

Tue Nov 14 17 06:46pm
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The thing that people don't understand is.
Nintendo Copyright Claim is only on the In-House IP and Games.
Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Splatoon, ARMS and anything Nintendo EAD or in-houe devs.

All of their games that is developed outside do not get claimed. You can upload Fire Emblem Warriors and be free from it but you probably won't be free from YouTube Demonetization because of the action in the game.

So many YouTubers complaining despite either not uploading anything outside of Mario or in-house games or doesn't upload anything Nintendo period. Or they are apart of Nintendo Creator Program knowing how strict it is.

Tue Nov 14 17 07:02pm
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The thing a lot of people seem to overlook is: Yes. It is Nintendo's full right to slap a claim on whoever's videos and take them down, remove monetisation or whatever. HOWEVER, it doesn't ever benefit them in the long-run. Of course Nintendo is still successful and still sell their games but fact of the matter is they're still capping the sales limit to what they could have had.

I understand some games are heavily story based and it's better for most people that they aren't spoiled the very day it's released and that's fine if you want light rules like that. But if you want to actually let Youtubers reach a larger audience using your game you have to actually give them the incentive to do so. This unfortunately means actually letting them play non-Nintendo games alongside your Mario and Zeld. This means letting them play the music out-loud without filing a claim for the audio.

All this makes content creators veer away from wanting to put your game on their channel and often means losing the chance to sway an audience that might not have cared before.

Tue Nov 14 17 07:15pm
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Well the world thinks that YouTube's Head of Gaming and everyone else over there can do a whole lot better at a whole lot of stuff and that isn't happening either.

I agree, but I also think if Youtube is saying it's bad, it's even worse than bad. Youtube is doing a bad job, Nintendo is doing an atrocious job.

Sony has done worse (putting in copyright strikes which actually threatens a YouTuber's account), but I've only seen two people complain about that.

Most Japanese media companies have the same YouTube policies as Nintendo. Nintendo just sticks out like a sore thumb.

This is true. Compared to other Japanese companies, Nintendo's a lot more tame since they don't block your videos from being played outside of Japan like companies such as Victor Interactive software do, and that is very annoying as even if you aren't making money off it you won't be able to have anyone look at your videos period.

No one I follow has had those issues with Sony, but if that's true it's just as scummy and they should change. I don't need any new reasons to dislike Sony's business side. The launch of the PS3 was enough and it seems like every so often they need to relearn the lesson they learned when that was a disaster.


I'd like for Nintendo to change this. I keep seeing Youtubers say they'd like to show a Nintendo game, but they can't. You can tell they want to promote the games, but are stifled.

To be fair, it's not like they'll die or have the channel shut down if they show nintendo game footage. All it does it prevent them from making money, that's it. Compared to what most other Japanese companies do (block video everywhere but Japan/strike you outright) or even what movie companies do in general to movie reviewers, it's insanely tame, especially since most of the games on the creator's program aren't even autodetected (Games such as Sin and Punishment have to be submitted manually for them to claim it)

Wed Nov 15 17 02:30am
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Yep, but at the same time, Nintendo:

-Already invests a lot in marketing, so let's plays aren't as needed to gain interest in their games.
- Might be worried on trusting youtubers because of leaks. (I think it was Mario and Luigi the most recent case)
- And also youtubers that do cover a lot of Nintendo stuff have commented there's different views from the American and Japan based sides of the company and the japanese side is the one that has the stricter measures (I don't know, maybe is how legality works in Japan).

Youtube in general is dying. It keeps getting worse by adding policies that make it worse for youtubers and viewers. Suddenly changing the interface for no reason, now adding commercials for videos that are suppose to be free and Youtube being completely fine abusing their rules in whatever fashion.

Only reason why I watch youtube is because its the only video sharing service around that has videos you want to watch. Vimeo doesn't even come close to Youtube's level of content.

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