Fire Emblem Heroes live-stream event - live-stream/blog

- Choose Your Legends update: 4 new heroes coming including Joshua (#18 in mens bracket), Mia (#16 in womens bracket), Lute (#13 in womens bracket), and Dorcas (#12 in mens bracket)
- Tempest Trials event begins Nov. 20th at 11 PM PT
- Staves get a boost in the next update, learn new skills at 5 stars
- Countdown triggers changes
- Expanded barracks, increasing by 100
- use less stamina

- New update will include weapon refinery for upgrading weapon skills. Clear right of blades to access.
- arena medals and refining stones being added for refinery purposes
- Divine Dew is used for some special weapons. Use refining stones to upgrade weapons to get Divine Dew.
- killing edge+ can be upgraded to slaying edge+
- legendary hero summoning event coming soon, with 12 heroes being involved, includes one mystery legendary hero, begins Nov. 27th at 11 PM PST
- Story of Book II starts soon, chapters 1 and 2 of book 2 will be available right away, with more chapters coming later, clear Chapter 1 of Book 2 to get Fjorn in the legendary hero summoning event

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That Cinematic at the end for book II is all kinds of Epic. Wish Anna was in it too though.

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