UK, Spain - GAME selling three physical Switch games for every system sold, matches Wii software ratio

The following info comes from GAME, and pertains to their sales in the UK and Spain.

- Nintendo is selling three physical Switch games for every console sold in the UK and Spain
- this matches the performance of Wii
- Nintendo says the Switch's global tie-ratio is 3.6
- 78% of Nintendo Switch games are sold in boxes, by comparison only 47% of PS4 games are sold physically
- the only blips in Switch sales have occurred during moments of stock shortages
- there was a significant spike in hardware sales around the launch of Super Mario Odyssey
- across Spain and the UK, 469,000 Switch consoles have been sold for the first 36 weeks of its life
- this is about 49% of what the Wii managed to do over the same period (which launched over Christmas)
- this is 300% of what the Wii U managed to achieve
- Switch may grow significantly again if Nintendo continues its trend of updating the hardware with new iterations
- there is currently enough stock to satisfy demand at the moment
- if demand increases for the holiday season, GAME says "we don't have a warehouse full of stock ready to go."

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Fri Nov 17 17 05:34pm
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There is a ridiculous amount of potential for revisions because of the fervor for the hardware. The idea of a powerful handheld boosted by the dock experience is so enticing that I'm sure many people would be willing to upgrade more readily than they were with the 3DS (though bigger screen is easier to market than better graphics. I want two internal hardware revisions (X2 in 2019 and the next Nvidia tegra line in 2021 setting the stage for Switch 2 in 2023) and Nintendo is likely readying some sort of budget model. I'm guessing we'll end up with one of each.

The only downside is Nintendo's spotty track record when it comes to internal hardware focused revisions. The New 3DS is barely supported and even Sony has had trouble getting the proper support for Pro.

Sat Nov 18 17 05:16pm
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I got the impression that the Wii had a bad attach rate because of all the people who bought it for Wii Sports and then didn't buy other games. Are these numbers telling us the Switch reached the Wii attach rate already (which would be good), or that it is in line with the Wii attach rate at that point in its life?


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