Thimbleweed Park sales on Switch are above all other consoles

Well way to go, Switch owners! I really worried about this one. Wasn't sure Switch fans would embrace such an old-school game, but I'm very happy to see I was wrong!

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I bought it on Xbox One first and again on Switch

I knew it had to have all right sales because it had been high up on the eshop charts for a few weeks. At least in Australia. Same can't be said for LA Noire, which I've yet to see on the top sellers list.

The touch screen controls are so good, can't imagine playing any other way.

Another mark against the idea that Nintendo players don't buy third-party games. :D

Supported the Kickstarter and still haven't played it on Steam, so I'll probably just get it on Switch...if I ever have time to play it among all the other stuff. This system!

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