Super Mighty Power Man Kickstarter cancelled due to interest from a publisher

The most recent Kickstarter update is below...

As you may all have noticed by now we have been quiet for the past few days. One of the reasons for that is because we have been approached by several publishers. We are currently discussing with them alternatives on how to secure the development and the release of Super Mighty Power Man. Even though no contract has been signed yet, we are confident enough to say that the project will get funded and published at some point, which is a great news!

In addition, another reason for our silence was the reception of our Kickstarter campaign. It is right to say that we haven’t succeeded in interesting enough people with our pledge tiers and late release date. Unlike many Kickstarter campaigns that overpromise and end up being late, we weren’t willing to follow a similar path. We are assured, based on the overall interest and tons of positive feedback we got from the press, backers and players that if we had gone crazy by announcing loads of physical rewards and an early release date on all platforms at once, our campaign would have probably succeeded. Nevertheless, it would also have been totally unrealistic to publicize such claims especially coming from an indie studio as small as ours. Therefore, we took the decision to cancel the campaign.

We want to thank you, our beloved backers, for believing in us and our project right from the start.

We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter www.boxhedgegames.com. Also, we will use the information gathered with our Kickstarter to letting you know about the future of Super Mighty Power Man!

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That's good to hear. I've been interested in Super Mighty Power Man since their campaign launch. I wonder who the publisher(s) might be. I hope it turns out well for them in the end.

I would find it really hilarious if it was either Capcom or Comcept.

I'm hoping it'll be Nicalis so it could have an awesome retail version with little goodies.

Fri Nov 24 17 07:06pm
Rating: 1

Watch it become Capcom and never see the light of day.

Then three years later it releases on Vita.

Fri Nov 24 17 09:12pm
Rating: 1

Three years later than never? Woah! That's late!

Fri Nov 24 17 11:13pm
Rating: 1

That was actually intentional. Capcom marketing team knows this well.

I may be late in game news here but what is wrong if this game ends up being published by Capcom?

Capcom is in a bit of a bad spot financially, and they are kinda cutting corners left and right to save money and generally making questionable decisions, which will only hurt them more in the long run. So, if Capcom were to be responsible for the publishing of this game, chances are that the release will also have some corners cut, or we might not even see it at all, since Capcom may well go down under before the release

So besides Street Fighter V, can you give me examples of their questionable decisions?

I'm asking this because I haven't bought that many Capcom games as much as you or anyone else and I just consider them a good gaming company that atleast produces good quality games unlike many others.

Decisions that I was more relating is to Megaman and their entire legacy as of late. For their 30th anniversary they opted to bloat hype for a "surprise" that never happened to celebrate the series, only to turn out it was a collection. On top of that wasn't even released in that year.

On top of that they dragged Megaman Legends fans along in the dirt for years of the 3DS sequel people have been clamoring for for ages, only to say there wasn't enough support and canned the whole thing entirely.

Aside from what Berrix said, also the decision not to bring the Disney Afternoon Collection to the Switch despite being a multiplatform release otherwise and Nintendo being the platform for these games. And not bringing Monster Hunter World to the west, if I am not mistaken. No port of Okami HD. The lack of a physical release for RE:R remake in Europe.

And that all while Capcom supposedly worked closely together with Nintendo and asked for more RAM in the system, which Nintendo complied to. Yet Capcom didn't really do much for Nintendo

Oh yeah...forgot about that part. Thanks!

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