Splatoon 2 update accidentally removes Great Zapfish, fix incoming

Version 2.0.0 of Splatoon 2 seems to have caused an issue with the Great Zapfish. No matter how hard you look, the big guy has been removed! Nintendo has said on Twitter that this was a mistake. They're working to fix the issue, and should have a solution out quite soon.

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Fri Nov 24 17 06:21pm
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Clearly, they need to find a better prison for Octavio than a snowglobe.

Nintendo is run by Octarians.

Eh, I trust better that one distant Internet relative from the Equidae family...

Nintendo is run by Shark Tale... a DVD copy of that movie, that is.

Queue the fan theories.

Fri Nov 24 17 06:21pm
Rating: 3

Clearly, they need to find a better prison for Octavio than a snowglobe.

So when are they going to hurry up and #BringCallieBack ?

Fri Nov 24 17 11:53pm
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HAHAHA, I actually just decided to finish the last few levels of the Single Player mode today! I was very confused that it didn't show up! The dialogue didn't help either as Pearl and Marina said they thought the Great Zapfish had shrunk!

So they said something like "isn't it smaller than before, I don't remember it being this small". At which point I was peering at the screen trying to find a miniature Great Zapfish somewhere... XD Didn't have a clue that it was a bug XD

I actually went back to Octo Valley to see if there was some kind of epilogue where I had to do something else to restore the Great Zapfish size or something!

Timing on this was perfect xDD

But Callie still isn't anywhere after this. And they hyped up her disappearance for nothing.

Behind the scenes.. Of the Hook has the Splatfest and announcements deal, the Squid Sisters are doing different gigs now (from the initial online prequel story).

**SPOILER ALERT about changes after defeating the final boss**

Though I can see what you mean. It would be nice if she would hang out in the starting area of the single player map like DJ Octavio.

Why did they write those stories anyway? They put more effort into them than hero mode itself.

What was the point of writing them when they don't patch Callie into it later? How difficult can that be?

Just a decision probably. Maybe they didn't consider it, or maybe they wanted consistency or had some other reason. Maybe they thought didn't make sense to have her there when you actually freed her. Or perhaps just it not being important enough to add another character model (freed Callie) to the game for compression sake (not very likely I think).
Could be any reason really.. But it's probably not because it's too difficult.

Anyway, the stories were also a promotion for the game. I also wouldn't say they put more effort into that than hero mode itself.. xD But they were a nice piece of lore and setting..

On a related note (Squid Sisters as a band): I hope some next Splatoon instalment has more concerts of the Splatoon bands to go to.. It would be great to have a concert hall or something where the different bands perform (Squid Sisters and Of the Hook, but also bands like the new Bottom Feeders and Ink Theory). Even with basic animation that would be very cool to see ^.^..

Maybe he's gone somewhere and actually doing something now... xD

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