Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses producer looking to do a Mario symphony, says a Smash Bros. symphony is "too complicated"

Coming from a GamesIndustry interview with Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses producer, Jason Michael Paul...

"I recently put together a really nice proposal for a Super Mario symphony. And we'll see. Hopefully it will stick. I also had another concept called Super Smash Symphony, but that's not going to happen. It's too complicated."

Could you imagine all the legal red tape you'd have to cut through to make a Smash Bros. symphony happen? The Nintendo portions are easy enough, but any other characters included in the games would probably result in a nightmare of legal clearances. While it's a bit sad to know a Smash Bros. concert may never happen, we can at least cross our fingers for the Mario proposal!

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I can only imagine how awesome the smash symphony would be until we get to the DK section where they only play 32 different versions of Jungle Hijinx.

So true. Here's something David Wise shared on twitter that might fill the void.

Twas amazing. DKC, DKC2, Diddy Kong Racing, and Tropical Freeze have some of the best tunes in all of gaming. I love all Nintendo music and it's so sad Nintendo (ever since Rare left) don't realize what great soundtrack's David Wise composed for them. They go completely underutilized within Nintendo. Smash has only seen a select few songs from the DKC series that isn't just jungle hijinx. Everytime DK appears in a Mario Spin-off title every stage accompanying him uses a Jungle Hijinx remix. Hell when Nintendo held that big band concert in japan a few years back every series they played got at least 4 different songs each but when DK rolled around guess what? Only one song and it was jungle hijinx...

Listen I love Jungle Hijinx as much as the next guy...it's all time classic! But with a series like DKC that is FILLED with classics like Aquatic Ambience, Mine Cart Madness, Life in the Mines, Crocodile Cacophony, Disco Train, Mining Melancholy, Grassland Groove, Scorch N'Torch, Mountain Madness, Hot Top Bop, Snakey Chantey, Stickerbrush Symphony, Gangplank Galleon, Lockjaw's Saga, High Tide Ride, Horn Top Hop, Busted Bayou, Mangrove Cove, Windmill Hills, Wing Ding, Forest Interlude, etc. I could literally go on and on and not even just the stuff done by David Wise what about Boss Boogie (DKC3), Frantic Factory, Hideout Helm, Angry Aztec, Feather Fiend, Rocket Barrel theme, Sweet Paradise, plus many more. Nintendo needs to realize what they got and start utilizing it more and not just with music start using the characters Rare created more too. Stop limiting the DK series to just Donkey and Diddy for the most part. Yes Tropical Freeze brought back Dixie and Funky to the limelight but start using these characters more in games like Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, etc. and for the LOVE of GOD bring back K.Rool!

Something like a Donkey Kong Mania with David Wise on board would be amazing. I mean... That's the bare minimum they could do and would probably have a huge payoff.

I'm interested in a Mario symphony, but I know they'd most likely stick with the mainline series games and ignore the RPGs and what not, which would be a shame.

Fri Nov 24 17 07:58pm
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I'd love a Xenoblade concert series. Unless they included the NLA night theme. I hate that music as much as I love just about every other piece.

Fri Nov 24 17 08:46pm
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Do you mean you also don't like the OST of True Crime: Streets of LA?


EDIT: Hmm after hearing a couple of tracks, I now get an idea of what they where going for with some of the X's songs.


I'm glad I'm not the only one that remembers that song. Might be the only thing I remember clearly from this game. Well, that and it's the only game I know where shooting the car gas tank works.

Me and my siblings use to play that game for hours on Gamecube back in the day. I remember quite a few of those songs from the soundtrack. lol

Uh! Yeah! Uh! Yeah! Uh uh uh!

Fri Nov 24 17 08:31pm
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I can only hope they would also do a live version of Jump Up, Super Star! Also, a concert that blends jazz music from games like Mario Kart 8 and epic orchestral pieces from games like Super Mario Galaxy would be really neat!

Smash bros is too big.

Sat Nov 25 17 12:41am
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If you ask me, Fire Emblem is the one that SHOULD have a symphony session.

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