Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hits at least 5 million downloads on Android devices

While we don't have specific figures, the Google Play store has been updated to show a rough estimate of how many times Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been downloaded. According to Google's data, the game currently sits somewhere between 5 and 10 million downloads since launch. That's a pretty fantastic start for the game, and more are sure to come during this holiday weekend.

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Tried playing this game. Man, the tutorial is absolutely dreadful. I thought that after the first one, the game would open up...but nope. Haven't picked the game up since, but might give it another go tomorrow.

Yeah, it's brutally long... I can see how it might be necessary for all the new people who are going to play this and have no idea what Animal Crossing is all about.

It's a decent little game. It definitely won't hold my attention as long as a true entry in the series though. Hopefully that happens on Switch eventually.

Sat Nov 25 17 06:44am
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I think the tutorial was overall a little shorter than I thought at the beginning. It is a typical tutorial for this kind of game to introduce you to the freemium mechanics. There are games that overstay the tutorials far more. Give Animal Crossing about an hour and the system will not bother you with tutorials anymore. I prefer this instead of „Tutorial Time!“ from Ultra Despair Girls which annoys you to crap even after 10 hours in the game.

Yeah, the tutorial and the existence of Isabelle as a main assistant killed the game for me. Was hoping she wouldn't be shoved as a mascot after HHD and Amiibo Festival failed but sadly I was wrong. :|

Downloads mean very little - let’s hear about revenue.

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