Factor 5's cancelled WeFly for Wii - gameplay trailer

It was pitched as a new Pilotwings, but Nintendo turned the title down. Then it was reworked into WeFly, and eventually ended up cancelled. That's too bad, because the game looks like it could have been fun! I always want more Pilotwings, so a knock-off would have been fine with me too!

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Sun Dec 03 17 09:20pm
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Liked you would've cared regardless.

The saddest part is that this looks like it would've been a lot more fun (AND would've sold a lot better) then the Pilotwing game that was later released on the 3DS.

Sun Dec 03 17 09:18pm
Rating: 3

Such a missed opportunity by Nintendo.

Sun Dec 03 17 09:20pm
Rating: 3

Liked you would've cared regardless.

That's too bad. This looks a hell of a lot better than that glorified tech demo sold as a full priced game ala Pilotwings 3DS

dust that off and put it on the eshop, any of them lol .
factor5 dragon'd itself though

Mon Dec 04 17 03:56am
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and we ended up with pilotwings resort, essentially a full priced demo not worthy of the pilotwings name. Yeah that was a better course of action.

nintendo have some serious collaboration issues with third parties OUTSIDE japan it seems.

Mon Dec 04 17 12:45pm
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I wonder how much of this ended up is Wii Sports Resort. . .

Probably none as none of that belong to Nintendo. It was a new IP they tried to make apart from Nintendo after the failed Pilotwing pitch.


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