Learn With Nanami! TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Complete Master heading to Switch in Japan

- coming from Media-5
- English learning software
- due out this Winter
- priced at ¥3,500

Categories: Consoles
Tags: eshop, switch


Japan gets so many English learning titles like this. If only we got some Japanese learning titles. I know PC has thousands, but still. I like a game-centric approach to learning a language. It helps me to remember Japanese. Smile
We have Ohayou! Beginner's Japanese On Wii U, but not much else.

I remember this on the DS, it had a catchy tune in the trailer.

there's a hiragana title on the switch eshop but it is for the very first step.

I kinda want to get this just so I can see what mistakes I can find, and maybe try to reverse learn Japanese because why not.

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