Miitomo - version 2.3.2 is now available on Android devices

Miitomo – Ver. 2.3.2
Release date: December 11th 2017 (worldwide)
Download size: 13.15MB
Platform: Android
Patch notes: implemented bug fixes

Categories: Media, Mobile
Tags: mii, mobile


The only update that would interest me is if they "updated" it to make it completely different. There must be some people who actually like this, but they see the world differently than I do. I remember people arguing that this would end up being the best game ever because it would be a 'hub' for all of Nintendo's other mobile offerings, and obviously nothing like that ever happened. It just sort of is what it is. Which isn't much, in my opinion. I consider this the 'last gasp' of Nintendo's 'not making good decisions' era, and it was one of the worst mistakes because it happened shortly before they started turning things around and made me worried that they still didn't know what they were doing.

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