Bayonetta 1 & 2 - file size details

The following information comes from Amazon Japan.

Bayonetta 1

- takes up “less than 16GB of space”
- the Wii U version was 17.6GB

Bayonetta 2

- 12.4GB on Switch,
- the Wii U version was 14.6GB


That's awesome! I'm digital only so saving a gig whenever I can is always good.

Sat Dec 16 17 02:29pm
Rating: 2

... then why not put them on a single 32GB card together for the retail version. Already charging $60 for old ports. Dammit, Nintendo, not you too.

The cartridge would be too small for both, they would need a 64GB one in the current state... Or to cut a bit more in size.

Sat Dec 16 17 02:38pm
Rating: 1

It's really unfortunate that they decided to make bayo 1 digital only it means I won't be buying this, I will never buy a digital game, movie, book ever again I have been burned too many times and to me, it's just money flushed down the toilet.

Considering 80% of retail games need a download you must have a small switch collection

Sat Dec 16 17 06:27pm
Rating: 2

while I'm not a fan of patches they are not a deal breaker because even without the patch I can still play the game in most cases. my question to you is what are you going to do when they shut down a digital service (wii wii u) and you can longer get any of your games if something happens to those old consoles your pretty much sol.

But that’s true of physical stuff too. What will you do when your carts get die of oxidation or CD’s of disc rot?

Nothing lasts forever.

I have discs that are 20 years old and I have carts that are 30 years old and they still work. I don't think I have ever had a disc or cart fail on me.

Just because they haven't doesn't mean they won't.

Disappointed about Bayo 1 being digital only, 16GB is A LOT on a Switch, half of the avaialble space.

But I will have to take it anyway, never played Bayonetta so I can't start with the second one.

Apart from that, hi everyone, my first comment here and I bought a Switch a week ago with Xenoblade 2. The Switch is a wonderful console and I'm in love with Xenoblade 2 that is an amazing adventure, I even love it more than Xeno 1 that is my favorite Wii game and RPG.

Nice to meet you Smile

Sun Dec 17 17 08:48pm
Rating: 1

Welcome! Don't let the downers give you a bad impression, most of us are swell people. :3

Thanks Smile Well, at least with this tight moderation I guess there aren't many trolls around here ^^

Mon Dec 18 17 09:52pm
Rating: 1

Eh, we still have them, but you can ignore them if you want. There's an option for that. Smile

Sat Dec 16 17 06:35pm
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I'm not a fan of digital either if there's a physical version but I'm ok getting a digital indie title occasionally. I wouldn't spend more than $20 thought. I think it's absolutely insane to spend $60 on a digital game but that's just me. We all have our preferences.

As long as it doesn't mean that they take away the Nintendo extras, I am good (and there is NO reason they should). But I am still wondering why these file sizes get smaller. I want the games not to be the same quality as those on Wii U, but better. Don't mess with one of my most beloved games, Nintndo!

(Oh...And footage of Bayo 3 would be nice. It's killing me!)

Pretty sweet. Great for newcomers! Awesome package and it makes me even more stoked for Bayonetta 3.


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