RUMOR - Nintendo reaching out to press for permission to use Zelda: A Link Between Worlds review quotes

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds came out back in 2013, but rumor has it Nintendo is interested in the game once again.

We're hearing that Nintendo PR reps are reaching out to select press members to ask for permission to use their review quotes once again. Why would Nintendo be interested in doing this? A Nintendo Selects version of A Link Between Worlds seems most likely, but perhaps something else is going on here. All of it is speculation for the time being.

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I always enjoy seeing "Source: Link" at the bottom of Zelda related articles on this site :3

What better source for Zelda news than Link, eh?

It’s been nearly five years alrwady, wow.

It’s not in my top 5 Zelda games, but it’s one of those games I have an itch to go back a play fairly often. Would love to see a version of it on the Switch. Or entirely new top down Zelda game at that.

A Link Between.... 3DS and Switch? Hey-Oooooh!

Thu Jan 04 18 02:46pm
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How I feel about a Switch port of the game now I read this.

Ugh... are those quotes from actual reviewers the actual reviews given to Arkham City? ...I actually played that one and found it to be terribly dull... don't understand the praise at all...

I'd buy an HD switch version. ALBW is a great game.

HD or 3D... HD or 3D. Yeah, I'll have both versions.

Thu Jan 04 18 03:07pm
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Well their is a rumor that we're getting a direct sequel to Link's Awakening on 3DS in the same vein as Link Between Worlds. Apparently it will be revealed during the Nintendo Direct. I could see Nintendo using these quotes in the trailer for that game.. "In 2013 we released Link Between Worlds and here's what Critics had to say...*insert review snippets here* and NOW we plan on doing it again with Link's Reawakening coming Summer 2018!"

Oh man, there is? That would be fantastic! One of my favorites. Hope this is true.

Take it with a grain of salt. It's from the guy that leaked Ninja Turtles coming to Injustice 2 early as well as the Street Fighter V season 2 characters, and Soul Caliber 6 being revealed late 2017 as well as a few other things...


First time I heard that rumor.

Then again, goes well along the one of porting Mario 3D World (or a sequel of) for a different Mario experience. Wouldn't be too far off to have a different one of Zelda too.

Man, I would go ABSOLUTELY NUTS for a Link's Awakening remake.

I always enjoy seeing "Source: Link" at the bottom of Zelda related articles on this site :3

What better source for Zelda news than Link, eh?

Thu Jan 04 18 04:50pm
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Isn't it more likely that this is just for a Nintendo Select version of the game for 3DS? (I think it's a select in Europe, but not in the USA)

It is. I have no idea why people are leaping to the idea that it's a Switch port.

I hope this isn't the next Zelda game for the Switch.

It may not be the Zelda Aonuma was talking about. However, if true this will most definitely be the next one to hit shelves.

Fri Jan 05 18 12:47pm
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I could do without a Switch port of this game. What would it really gain from a Switch port? It already looks amazing on the 3DS and I feel 3D is more important than HD.

Speaking of ALBW, I've had it since like 2013 but haven't bothered finishing it. Really ought to get around to doing that...


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