Pornhub reveals top game character searches of 2017, Pokemon and Zelda make the list

Some games will never be played out; this year’s list looks a lot like last year’s list, but in a very different order. Overwatch and seemingly all of its characters have teamed up to completely dominate the searches in this department. So it’s no surprise that the top three most searched are all from Overwatch, with D.Va), Mercy and Tracer come in at first, second and third place respectively. Misty (formerly traveling partner of Ash) from Pokemon made it to fourth place with a 120% boost. Lara Croft, from Tomb Raider will likely never not be on the game character top searches list, though the day PlayStation Portable released ‘Tomb Raider: Legend’ people raided the internet in search of her name, resulting in a 61% bump up in searches. In order to not create any kind of mortal enemies, it’s worth mentioning Mileena (from Mortal Kombat) came in fourth place, with a 997% boost!

What's the one thing we can all learn from this? It's clear that Nintendo fans know that Zelda is the name of the princess in The Legend of Zelda.


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Wed Jan 10 18 07:37pm
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That List is all wrong! They forgot about the absolute best Nintendo girl. :c

neo dark
Wed Jan 10 18 06:17pm
Rating: 2

But she's already listed on the list. Look at number 6

Wed Jan 10 18 06:29pm
Rating: 1

Just wait for Pearl porn. Echi!

Still no Bayonetta? Guess she is porn enough.

Two Pokemon on the list? Actual Pokemon and not human characters (who also make the list).

People are weird. But you do you!

No don't tell them that.. that leads into other stuff...

Pikachu is pretty hot and if you say he doesn't make you a little horny you are a liar.

Detective Pikachu with Danny DeVitos voice......Mmmmmm lol

Personally, I like Thiccachu from 20 years ago.

Weird as this sounds, this proved to be quite helpful for me.

How can D. Va be number 1? Widowmaker is best girl!

Mileena? Doesn't she have a toothy demon mouth? And what happened that she got a 997% increase?

Never hooked up with a woman who bites? Mmmf.

great, something else that millennials are ruining.

That gluten sensitivity is such a bitch.

Wed Jan 10 18 07:37pm
Rating: 3

And that's a shame. She's the better looking one IMHO. :3

Gardevoir and Pikachu wat?

Braixen is clearly the best pokewaifu, come on people.

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