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Why would one pick this over a normal projector?

maybe if you want a projector that is a power bank at the same time? Rather then get a projector and a power bank to power it (unless you have access and reach of an outlet, then guess you only need the projector.

But still 200 lumen. That's a shit screen.

I'm not too familiar with projector tech but he said what sounded like 200 anti lumen and that it was equivalent to 2000 lumen.

Sat Jan 13 18 09:19am
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It’s ANSI Lumen, not anti Lumen.

200 ANSI Lumen =/= 2000 Lumen. If that’s what the video says (haven’t watched it) then they are talking out their ass.

ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute and ANSI Lumen is simply a more accurate measurement of brightness that also takes contrast and other image properties into account as opposed to a more generic measurement typically used for everyday lighting.

The units more or less equate to each other at the end of the day in terms of brightness or light output.

Edit: Watched the video. They guy is full of BS. There’s no such things as “Anti Lumen” - that’s called darkness.

i think thats just his accent i think he did say it with an S, but sounds like a T

I suppose...but dont know what 200 lumen is, so dont if thats bad or not. For example...people go, "Eww...that's only 720p", but 720p doesnt bother me, found games I like that were 720p still were fun and looked nice to me.

Lumen is essentially how bright the light that is emitted is.

A standard 25watt bulb produces around 200-250 lumen.

200 for a projector is pretty dim.

Ah, gotcha....guess it didnt seem too dim to me from the videos and when people tested it out.

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